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Did a bowl. He goes into Tobias Harris, Harris polls up Joel if he dropped it to the corner. Mike Scott today. Scott, raise a corner. Three at the Sixers. Go up by two Sixers radio, Mike, Scott, a huge three pointer with eighteen seconds left to play as the Sixers go on to knock off the nets won twelve one eight and grab a three games to one series lead. Joel Embiid led the way for Philly with thirty one points and sixteen boards while Tobias Harris added twenty four points, eight rebounds, and six assists. Turn into baseball. Top of the nine in Miller park. Brewers have a five nothing lead on dodgers two more home runs for Christian yelich. He's got thirteen. They've all been hit home game. Two in Cleveland bottom. Five Indians lead the Braves seven one game two in Baltimore. Top seven twins all over the Orioles thirteen four top six Arlington Rangers lead the Astros nine to top six at cores. Release a four three lead on the Rockies. Bottom four in San Diego. It's the reds to Padres one in Bonham three in Anaheim. Mariners on top of the angels two to nothing. The Red Sox slip past the race six to five Andrew, Benintendi and. A grand slam and the tiebreaking sacked fly in the ninth Marlins dumping nationals nine three Yankees took took care of the royals nine two, but Aaron judge likely to become the fourteenth Yankee to land on the I L after leaving the six within oblique injury heights down the giants three one blue crush the as ten one game. One of that doubleheader Indians over the Braves eight four also in game. One was the twins beating the Orioles six five point six. Nothing cards pound in the Mets tend to White Sox and Tigers rain down Detroit and the blues held on for a three to one of the jets sT Louis beating winning that series in six games. I'm John fans. This is TASR and on the moose we begin to gear up for the NFL draft. Join us Monday morning, six eastern Pacific..

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