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Don't see the way we see that's the thing he's got worse average point then dive in moist than we've on hot and Marino. He's not more familiar much since he joined in a year ago. Like it'd be more than a year ago. He's got more than is worn and you know he's going to finish is crazy crazy. So the not lining anyone up Jill's even behind the scenes things secretly nor lining up in the sense like okay in March or airport. Or you have someone my income over and you know let's talk. Let's talk with someone books. Something in place and let's discuss the contract with another manager. I don't think so I think they are wear like every single club of okay. What can we do next? Who could we get? What kind of direction? We want to go to like everyone else in the world if you run a football club while at least I hope they do Right now he sold about all sorts skier and again as we said generally back up in the summer getting removed time. I think the wrong choice. But that's their choice at the moment. But if they lost say and I totally agree. Julius almost laughing the supports us from within within the boardroom from members but officials say that next six games straight or something that might have to make a decision. What will happen as As the the topsy turvy pendulum will just swinging away from bythe average to have this sir. All I'll always just be enough to keep would would and the glazes from making that decision and they'll just use as an excuse to say. Well we're going to do something a little bit better performances come against the better teams probably beat Chelsea in a couple of weeks. which wasn't surprising? You're absolutely right in that respect. I think you Kinda live up to the building that they do much big boys fairly well but you know that's all well and good. It's there's no publicity just jump. Let's bill for questions which keep this show I would. I would suggest and I might be wrong. Is that most most of the big corporate shareholders of mine united others inorder Tabu football on hence when club is making money money then ultimately investment in the united personally this this very impressed by your financial knowledge aerobic or put another way. If if I'm investing pass. Is that a lot of money taken up to do this job right. Wasn't that Nice job. I won't be forced but what was happening. I feel as long as there was no danger to that capital and it was going to continue to grow which by the way. Yeah I think we should introduce a new business segment to the show. By the way Greg Tokes return on investment and we have no more bullets boiling point we could have for it as inflection bullies Bloomberg business bringing go bringing up by decided when talking about performing at the moment Perform he gets the top teams. I mentioned Andy Windy at why did Ram Madrid in Boston. Struggle against third tier teams. Today we saw the Action in the Copa Day rate despite playing strong teams Julian Julianne. You want to weigh in on this is just magically. Cop isn't it had this. It'd be dot is playing away from home in usually more stadium depiction Asian always being great is the lack of motivation. no offense to the smartest side when you are a big club and big players and you have to go to those games it's not as motivating red Madrid in the in La Liga for sure. They always try to do the job and and usually they're professional special. Northland they do so if you look at it tonight actually hasn't been that kind of set in in in the Spanish Cup finished the toward but he softened not not always easy because the other team on the other hand I very aggressive and intense and again your face and all of that show then they. They're very he's again so World Cup final these boys really cleanly that. DJ IN A beef fruit. It was raining and I it because they thought they were going there for sunshine. Party and so talking been cup competitions. Fa Cup you go some some of these law league teams Chelsea and Newcastle wherever. It's an eye opener because a lot of giant chain Spain's Camila deaf and that was but I remember going to thanking is he played his he plea good like Bruce uh-huh getting me the longest shock metal studs and getting the money. You know it's GonNa be a long night as mentally as tough as revolt been there and when you do go there you go there with one. pufus wind masset got a job. Done you leave. You.

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