President Trump, ABC, Bob Muller discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Cheri Preston back for more William bar, the president's pick to be the next attorney general heading into day two of his confirmation hearing this hour ABC's chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas says that Robert Mueller investigation dominated day one the president's own pick for Torney general saying he knows Bob Muller that he's a marine. He's a friend and that Muller would not conduct a witch-hunt vowing to protect the special counsel's investigation. President Trump looking to hold more talks today on the partial government shutdown ABC's. Karen Travers is at the White House say twenty-six of the government shutdown and President Trump for the second day in a row sits down with lawmakers here at the White House. The president extended invitation to the problem solvers caucus a bipartisan group of house members yesterday only Republican showed up for a meeting with Mr. Trump to talk border security. Congress says it'll skip a recess plan for next week the shutdown still going on later today. Bipartisan Bill will be introduced to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour by the year twenty twenty four after the Brexit vote failed in Great Britain. Prime Minister Theresa May's now facing a no confidence vote today. ABC's James Longman says deadline is looming. If a deal isn't done in just seventy two days, we could crush out which columnists won't could have dia consequences the UK economy. For instance, hit by eight percent house prices down by as much as thirty percent. And the pound losing even more value against the dollar anti-european groups, call these stories, but a no deal would have a global impact looks like there is a deal in place to keep Sears opened. It was close to the negotiations. Reporting Sears holdings has agreed to move forward with the more than five billion dollar bid by chairman Eddie Lampert. Hedge fund to save Sears. It's four hundred Sears and KMart stores that Kenmore brand and the jobs of fifty thousand employees the agreement reached early Wednesday morning ends two days of discussions over the bid and the bids of liquidators ABC's. Ryan burrow, says the agreement still needs to be.

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