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Just a smother the tight end june whether it's laurent or path he just you just grab that guy you don't let him get out in the pattern it and if it's run you know you just plow right through set the edge and as you say as you were grapple a kind of a a a more slender tied ran out yet terrible exigent yeah jim younger operations uranium graham vandals grams families grandera yeah absolutely are at an a big watch for a convey on the slides you'll have that big satellite dish right yeah in autumn now brought in california i a moroccan this lime green bini and then it occurred to me my god that seok colors my bad it's no statement on one carry oxygen hampered now no one's really going to be mocking in my view okay utah nobody melody kobe's nobody my mother gerhard sorry melody eyes he's now listening right now look here's the deal that they should have won the game in seattle you know they had every opportunity i don't think that this seattle team right now carries that same cash shane like i said there's a new group of foreigners anyway they don't don't care about 8 straight els they care about the team they're going to play today the team leaving game claiming four for two weeks so i want to see if there's you know maybe a few wrinkles i want to see a lot of carlos high today he's fit in the nfc in rushing yards six in the nfc and yards from scrimmage i mean give together and there's been times where they've gone away from him let me long period let him east if you give him uh all you will have some measure success and guess if carla sides on the field round the ball russell wilson can't hurt you because he standing on the sidelines so i'm standing next to you in the green bean exactly i will be on the seattle sideline so there you off yeah i'm interested to see how this team takes the field as a team now with a win in yeah okay was over the horrible giants fine but they got the tastes that in i'm really glad you brought up that raiders wearing john in the way they played the.

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