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They're probably going to be like excuse me, like, we'll graduated from morale. So they know that. Okay. Okay. Like every time I say. I would some Morehouse school of medicine, people were like. But that's being are you. Trying to tell me Saana saying, no. Is forbidden women? Right. It's a coed school. So I went to Morehouse school medicine in, I a studied neuroscience in got accepted to the PHD program in also got a whole ride in a stipend in a chance to go to Ivy league in the summer to intervene, NASA program. So my family was like, so proud, but I ended up like hating my life solid like dude, why I don't like this. It was just like me like a bunch of light mice all day studying like having like this longitudinal study in, like it was okay? But like I don't wanna work with mice. I'm like social butterfly. So please, like, don't do this to me own instantly ways. I found that I started studying business at night time. Like just all my I don't know. I just started doing it in started to have the each to like get into advertising, you know, be creative. In. So I ended up, I ended up getting out of that in a went to school to get my ABA instead in the middle of that, somehow, I really cannot tell you talk about way into advertising agency, which is like unheard of you'd not have advertising experience or a -education in advertising. I ended up going getting into like a medium size agency in search engine marketing because social media in a digital marketing was so new, you could teach yourself at schools. You know, had not started teaching that yet. So that's how was able to get in in. That was like the beginning of my career in that in I ended up seeing the graphic design department, in I kept trying to go over there in a win. Let me they were like share like you don't have a portfolio, like what are you doing? It was just like, like levian Lee..

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