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When he came back, he didn't start writing needful things, which was the last Castle Rock, book. Book in that regard, but it was definitely. Horror Satan comes to castle rock then Gerald's game kind of psychological horror Dolores Claiborne. Here's where you can tell. He's trying to do literature with Dolores Claiborne Yeah. There's a lot of women in jeopardy. Women's point of view books. It seems like in the nineties. The Dolores Claiborne and rose madder. Yeah, right so Y- I guess. There was a change we'll. We'll see eventually. We'll get to some of those adaptations, but yeah right now he's caught in between. He's halfway in horror and halfway going to the literary logical genre that he feels critics respect more, and it was a bestseller. It was a hit. You liked it I was kind of ambivalent. My General King complaints kept coming up boy. This is taking too long and the ending is not everything that. That I wanted it to be, and it's really only interesting because we have this familiarity with King, we know about his addiction problems and we know about Richard Bachman well too long I. Actually liked this book because other than misery. It was kind of one of his shorter ones for quite a while. I mean Oh, so it's under five hundred pages then four hundred thirty one there you go. So. It's Cujo which is too long as well Oh, yeah, that was too long rereading at this time I see what I liked about it. When I was a high school junior, but I didn't like it as much this time eventually will do a full analysis, but what I can say right now is it felt like he was trying to write his version of Agatha Christie for quite a period of it like it's trying to be a mystery, but it's a lot of people sitting around tables theorizing what could happen? And not a lot of actual things happening until like the last third and I think that's something that this movie. We're going to discuss the struggling with because this movie is exceptionally faithful to the book Jorge. Romero was kind of dark space in his career he had just done. Monkey shines not a good film, not good for Monkees, not good for anyone really not good for him because it bombed terribly and he was. was trying to get a job. He was looking for work. And he and king had been friends for many years going back to before creepshow, and they talked about doing the stand together, and all that stuff, and so king was like here George. You need something I'm going to give you the dark half. You going to run with that well, you know it is about a character that crawls out of a grave he's. He's kind of Zombie this. George Stark character. So let me put it this way. We need someone that thinks visually early wants to eat. Brains onscreen like what we need Gore in lots of things added to this. Because as you rightly point out, it is very talking on the page, and you need to be able to see stuff and Romero basically said he felt chagrined, funky shines, and he did not want this to. To be a Romero film. He didn't want to bring any tour quality to it. He didn't WANNA. Put his stamp on this. He just wanted to take what King wrote and put it on screen verbatim. Well, mission accomplished except for one little the end. This is not feel like Jorge Romero film and there are tweets. He consolidate some characters I. Think actually all the changes. The way he needs things up are actually. Actually quite good, but you're right. It's more close to the book than many of these movies tend to be. And it was made a Ryan when Romero got the rights to the book he decided the devil. You know is how phrased at Orion was the one who had gould monkey shines in his mind. They even were apologizing to him for a terrible release in promotion of that movie and he went back to them. Them and like I know you guys fucked up with monkey shines, but how about you stake me for the dark half and they gave him about twelve million he did go over budget and over time and I'm not gonNA. Save Romero did it by going over budget, but in the time that it was done Orion Ryan went bankrupt or Ryan was a studio I loved they did robocop and so many movies i. I liked started with that Orion logo and music. Yeah, a Ryan was kind of Miramax before the Weinstein's were film artist and you didn't want to watch Hollywood rip up your stuff. You go there because they actually care about art and a lot of film artists everyone from Woody Allen Oliver Stone Jonathan Demme. The crazy thing was they had two consecutive best picture films, a row dance with wolves. Everyone thought Kevin Costner was. Was Crazy for making a western huge film than Jonathan Demme this Quirky indie comedy guy puts out silence of the lambs another big hit, but it didn't matter. They had staked their claim on art and lost all their finances, so they had the two biggest hits of the ninety s and yeah, no money, so it put a lot of fun. You mentioned Robocop Robocop three sat on a shelf just like this move. This movie ran out of funding before it was complete, the funniest story as they were in post, production and Christopher Young hellraiser was doing the score Freddy's revenge nightmare on Elm Street to Christopher Young, and they got about two thirds of the way through the movie, and then they ran out of money. They could no longer pay Christopher Young for the last portion of the music, and even if Christopher, young gave it to them for free, they couldn't afford the musicians to play the music, so they just had to take what was recorded. Recorded for the first two thirds of the movie and fill in the last third. Well, that's usually what happens in these circumstances movie for CEO you go out there. You try and sell it to a studio that can finish the project. There were no takers. I don't think they did that like you. Said robocop three this a lot of stuff sat on a shelf as they went through their bankruptcy proceedings, and that's took four years I mean I actually did look some of the movies that got delayed and I'm not gonNA. GonNa. Say these are exactly quality films, but remember car fifty four. Where are you maybe a movie of that I? Don't remember it I knew they made a movie of it, but that was during the time when they were making a movie out of every golden-oldie TV show, and then the favor and I'm not talking about the recent one with Cameron Diaz talking about the one that was made in one, thousand, nine, hundred with pets and bill pullman never even heard of it, and yeah, no nothing I actually saw that one clifford the..

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