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Yeah give me a break he had to tell you that never mind whether he knew or not the guys write that name west virginia is it's every bit as i kind of the name california or new york how do you change the name of a state came to stay when you get pag people saying what you come come from west virginia oh yeah jed clampett come and listen to story about a man all that every time i tell people that i represent state of the union and i talked to a launched besina you know one of representatives the besina wonderful guy he's a nice man he follows us on twitter and we follow him well that's great twitter now that's about as modern if it gets virginia hey we got twitter here now what i'm asking to do that's ridiculous west virginia is a beautiful state and has one of the great universities west the university of west to west virginia university oh wow interesting virginia's gonna do you don't need to be changing the name of the state you think that you dentist with squirrel guns and bare feet yeah i don't think it i know it everytime guy you were talking at a meeting in philadelphia about three weeks ago and is that in doing it by also a democratic party made it 'cause we were getting together the midterms coming up and i'm talking to say when you come from guys i'm west virginia and right outcome and listen to story about a man they all danced and it just it didn't win the big thing but the four of them started dancing at a circle and then look at me and and they saw that i had a pain look on my face like i'd average like i took a gut shot you know and and they saw what they done right they they recognized immediately and they said what's wrong i said it's it's getting old.

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