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But you know, like, I said, I mean. Originally. I mean, they were showing games. I mean who knew who knows. I mean, maybe people will, you know, make aims with this thing. But I saw a couple interviews with Alex kitman from the folks they pre briefed about this saying, you know, someday this will be for gaming, and I'm like, yeah. Let's see because I think such an adult might have other ideas, unless, you know, once ex cloud happens, and we're talking about gaming on every windows ten base platform and every other kind of platform, maybe then it will. But for now now. Yeah. I mean, I I still think virtual reality makes more sense for gaming, then artificial augmented reality, rather. But yes. Beer. I know I think it's better than they are for gaming. Yeah. Right. That may change over time. And look this thing could abs- absolutely head in that direction. I mean it right now it's still very expensive. It's less expensive than it was. But. I don't want to a lot of people who are covering this almost thought it was just a promo for Azure, that it hardware hardware was just kind of a use case for Azure. I mean, honestly. Joe grease. Well, we're just real quick though. The one thing I wanted just to kind of. No, actually when you go ahead. Because I have a follow on to that. Okay. Yes. Right. So when when I when I started hearing about this. I was thinking, okay. You know, the whole lens one could connect to Azure, like you could connect. It's as rector directory, you could do things with cognitive services with it. But they never really pushed it as an Azure device. Like, you've never heard them say it's better with Azure. But this one I think this is all about Azer, right? Because the two main things that they demo there around Asher, the spatial anchors, and the remote rendering, this is like okay now, I get why they're making a hall, and so they can sell more, Azure services. Sure, they want to sell Holand. They are not going to take, you know, turn away money. But the real reason they're doing this to sell services naming naming all the others features dynamics three sixty five x. Yep. I think there is no, Azure, era Holland's is a standalone business doesn't make any sense for Microsoft. This thing never sell in the numbers where that makes sense. That is not why they make this. Yes, they're not going to say no to the money. I mean Fisher as your as part of a much bigger puzzle. For my I'm sorry. She says a Holland's is part of a much bigger puzzle for Microsoft, and that it can offer to its customers that other companies cannot right? And so the, you know in the same sense that there are thousands probably of different Azure services now many which targets specific vertical markets. This is what this does is well in hardware for him. This is something that AWS customers can't get from Amazon. They can't actually get it from any Amazon's partners either maybe someday, but they would have to source it from different people places companies. And then make sure that these things work together in some kind of a seamless fashion, whereas this fits into Microsoft's, Azure, scheme or their subscription cloud services. Whatever much more naturally. I I it's not as absolute as this. But no-one buying.

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