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Got you complicated. It was so easy. It was so easy. You could have made the next Cana is just so far away. That's all you had to say to him. I like getting cute with it, though. You know, I like adding something about it. I get too much. I flew too close. To the sun. If I wanted to know what was coming to mom and grab shops today, where would I look? You would look toward the official list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show hosts each and every weekday. Out today, we got Madden NFL 2023 on PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X and S PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC. We have a tale of paper refolded great name on PC, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, and switch. We have figment two, creed valley on PC, and we have jetpack joyride two on Apple arcade. I am stoked on that. I don't know what a sequel to that game can bring, but I am going to download that today. And right now I'm making a note to remind myself to do just that. This is going to be a dumb question. Which one is jetpack Joe Ed? Because I always get these games mixed up because rare put out jetpack and then I think they put out a bunch of more jetpack games. I know there's a mobile one unrelated. Yeah. Jetpack. Is a mobile game that is like you kind of just hold the screen and the more you hold it the higher he goes up and it's kind of like a kind of like flappy bird, but without the shit physics, it's more like it feels good. I absolutely loved the hell out of the game. Apparently number two has been out for a long time. So you know what, guys? I'm an asshole. I don't know women. That's fantastic stuff. New dates for you Activision has announced that the 5th and final season of Call of Duty warzone will begin on August 24th. Wars on two right on the corner. There we go. Deals of the day, the grid NES controller frame is available at grid studio for a $139. This one's cool, a little bit different. If you want to bring up the image there, bear it, I'd like to show people because grid studio freaking awesome, awesome team over there that make these amazing art pieces. I have three of them in my room. I have a Game Boy color. I asked them to do the custom teal one for me to match my room and they did, which was nice. I got my PSP, of course, very near and dear to my heart. I have the original iPhone because I'm a big tech guy. But this is cool. OG, NES controller. Check it out. I want to get it. I have two of them. Sadly, one of them fell off the wall. And it's fine for the most part, but there is a chip on the frame that is very noticeable, ended up sesame so much. So I haven't put it back up yet. I want to figure out a way to fix this. Is this one of the things that was above your TV that fell into your TV as well? Or was that a different? No, no. That was a very heavy shelf. I am lucky that this TV is not fucking broken at half. But no, the frame was like over here over on this side of my room. And in the middle of the night, I just hear a large boom, and I'm like, oh no. I don't think your walls are equipped enough to have things being hung on them. Yeah, now that's the thing of like, I don't want to drill holes into my wall to actually hang things up. And so I am like, I am using command strips in trying to just for the best. Hope for the best, and let me tell you, my hope is doing nothing. These things are falling left and right. But I do have a Game Boy one as well, and that's in our living room, and it looks great. It looks great in there. Hell yeah. You can go to kind of funny dot com slash your wrong to let us know what we get wrong as we screw it up on this show. Just like Mike did. When talking about game pass on the PC, the brand is not Xbox game pass. Microsoft rebranded Xbox game pass for PC as just PC game pass back in December 2021. Interesting. Interesting. Good to know. That's very good to know. I'm not changing the headline because guess what? Y'all motherfuckers click on Xbox. And so I don't know what to tell you, but that's good to know. That's some good news. No, no. No, I mean, you're not wrong. It still is Xbox that's doing it. But yeah, no, it is good to know in terms of what we're talking about of the actually calling it Xbox. There is a difference there. Just in terms of marketing and branding and stuff. So cool. We got lanky dragoon saying the multiverse of sales is regarding the founders packs that were about to get access to the game while it's in beta. It doesn't have to do with the premium currency. Okay, so that makes sense. So it's like it only is counting it because you had to buy it to be able to play the game.

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