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Agency. No. You're either going to that what like a year ago, year and a half ago, two years ago. We're on year four of waiting for Kevin Knox to even be good enough to get into the rotation and he's not. No, I'm done with Kevin Knox. You know, the ship is sailed. I saw someone say, maybe it's the same athletic story. Teams calling about Kevin Knox, like, okay. What exactly are you gonna get back in return for me? I'm sorry. Kevin Knox, maybe you can trade him back to Charlotte, or trade him to Dallas to get Reggie Bullock back. Because regulation is not doing anything right now for the Mavericks, and he was really good. He was really good for the next. Yes. Yeah, I mean, look, Kevin, I'm sorry. Kevin Knox is a throw in in a deal involving somebody else. No one's no one's giving the next something of value just to get Kevin Knox. He's become what Dennis Smith was last year. Yeah. Just a guy. Like with a little bit of potential. So here's why their sellers, Chris, I look at this Nick's roster and I say, what are they building and who are they building around and where are they in two to three years? Because two to three years from now, Derek rose is 35 36. So are you do you really like is Derek rose a permanent product 'cause Derek rose would look really good as some as a 6th man on a team that's gonna make some playoff noise, right? Like Derrick Rose has value elsewhere more so than he has for the next right now, I think. Mitchell Robinson of some somebody needed a backup center might give you something for him. Kemba Walker is not even playing for the Knicks. He's on a $8.8 million contract that goes to 9 one next year and that's it. It's a two year deal. Easy for another team to incorporate. If you're not going to use Kemba Walker, I hate to say it because it was this wonderful homecoming, but it's not working out. So this is why I say there's sellers because I don't think there's any combination of these guys that's getting you the player that's going to put you back over the top and put you right on track this season. I do think that you take some steps moving backwards a little bit, continue to try to develop Randall or excuse me, get rid of back on track develop Barrett, topping quickly, Grimes had a big shooting night the other night..

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