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As it's Republican senator. Still with us our contributors Rick Davis and genius I know. So, Senator Thank you so much for being with us. Appreciate it. Give us your sense right now of Nevada, where it stands in this election. Why was it a RNC convention party yesterday in northern Nevada at an opportunity to talk to a number of Republicans. I think the base is still there. You Condell by the convention today that the purpose of it is to try to expand that base. They spent the first three days kinda solidify that base on it. Now it's time to reach out that last speaking that you guys just head on. Alice did a great job. But you can see they're trying to push this now beyond the base. A and and time will tell. We'll know here, probably with the next few days with some pulling that out out there how well it works. So, Senator, you know your state terribly well. My understanding is part of the reason that Nevada has been shifting as it appears to have done in recent elections is there's been a change. Actually, the demography, people moving to the states and people living in the state give us a sense of how the demographics of driving the politics Yeah. You're absolutely right on that. Things are actually really changed here in the states about it. People are really Trying to get outside away from California, and you can see with technology and the data driven ah, diversity that we're doing the economy here throughout the state. We're getting a lot of new companies coming in from the Bay Area and busts Angeles. They're bringing their workforce with us. These are good people, but they have a tendency of bringing their boarding voting habits with them. So it may want to get out of California, but they seem to want the same law. So anyway, it is changing. It is changing, and it's making it difficult for the conservative voice to get out. There just means we have to work harder. And as long as we're committed to do that, I think we're gonna be just part Senator Heller, how our people on the ground and Nevada feeling about the security of their vote. As they look towards the general election. There was some consternation across the country, but I've noticed some coming out of your state. Specifically. Are you hearing some of that? It's probably right now. This is Jeannie. Correct. This is this is probably the number one issue right here in the state of Nevada. They just changed our election laws allowing for voter harvesting harvesting, meaning that a stranger can come into your home, Help you vote and then walk out of your home with your ballot. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that scenario? You know, Jeannie, that has been a felony since the 19 nineties here in the state of Nevada, and the Legislature just turned it into good governance. There's a lot of people that are really concerned about what this vote harvesting is going to mean and what impact could that have on a viable action here in the matter? Senator, This is Rick Davis from Washington. Good to see you tonight, and I want to ask you about the economy in Clark County. I mean, Clark County is like a critical county for US Republicans and And no industries were hurt Mohr through the Koven, then hotels and restaurants, of which I think Nevada and Clark County is ground zero for the most employees in this category per capita in the world, probably Is it recovering? How's it looking? And is that impact going to be felt in the election? Actually, Rick. That's probably the most important economic question that we have in the stand about her right now, If you've seen the data, they're anticipating that 25% of the hotel's chains out there behind in their rent payments and making their mortgage payments. No difference in Las Vegas. Now he's had 40 million people come into Las Vegas every year, and we're seeing baby. A fraction of that 20% 25% of people are willing to get on an airplane to fly into into Las Vegas. Right now we have about 11 hotels, major hotels in Las Vegas that aren't even open. Because there's not enough business to keep trying to draw people into war into under the strip and get to some of the more thie some other casinos where they could get a traffic out there, But it's difficult. I'll tell you right now, Rick, if they tell you that the unemployment state Nevada was 12 12.5%. Double it double it, and you're probably close to where we all set now in the state of Nevada. So, Senator if I could just follow up? I mean, how do you think that falls on political levels? I mean, obviously, part of Donald Trump's record as president so far has been to be able to create jobs he ran on that it was one of his kept promises until Covad. Is that unemployment? Is that advantage Democrats or or or they're going to say, Well, the guy who's going to bring us back eyes going to be Trump's. I'm going that way. That's a great question, And I'm not quite sure I do know this. I do know this Trump It has a business plan that's out there. Today. You want to create 10 million jobs in the next 10 months. And he wants to create a million new businesses in that same period of time. Now, tell me what binds you know. Playing it explain is to convince you that he's not Donald Trump thinks that that may get him elected. He has no business plan out there. If you look at the markets right now, I think the stock market trading at the highs and it's at right now is already discounted. I think they believe Trump's going to win. To be more specific and answering your question. In the month of July, we had the new reports for new voter registration in the state. Nevada. More Republicans registered into bed it, They're Democrats. And this is what happens. I think when weakened the culinary Union's the teachers unions with so many people unemployed right now they have less volunteers to get out there. And two registered voter, So everything just stays the same. I think you feel A moderate to conservative that a tilt until these unions can get back into business to answer your question. I think a lot of these unions A lot of these organizations have a tendency of voting to the left. People have lost their jobs or going back to the states. Where where they came in. There's a lot of people in the battle. Don't believe they're from Nevada. They say I'm from California. I'm from Michigan. I'm from Florida. And they're going back right now. With the level of unemployment we have right now telling you all of that. I believe it does help Donald Trump. I think it's the base the Democratic base that is hurting in this in this reception and that they're losing their actually losing voters as we speak today because there's no jobs in southern Nevada. I want to keep our audience up to speed on what's going on the convention..

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