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Weei less than four hours away from the first pitch of the two thousand eighteen major league baseball season we'll get back to more baseball coming up here shortly but we got to get to the celtics game last night because this team has done miraculous things they get themselves into deep holes more than any team in the league they lead the league in comeback victories down by fifteen to twenty three whatever their likable they're very likable they don't like quitters to be last night was the most improbable win of the season because they did it with the b team or the c team he didn't do it with any of the regulars five of what you thought we're going to be the seven man rotation at the beginning of the season we're out in this game last night so here's what you got a shane larkin gave you thirty four minutes he was the the he played more than anybody on the team started ocean gave you thirty two minutes in the same last night jason tatum gave you thirty two minutes in the game terry rozier thirty minutes in the game a jalen brown thirty minutes in the game last night unbelievable what they got from this motley darrow last night they played their ass off and the reason i say it's improbable stuff like this doesn't happen in the nba this team was on the fourth game of a road trip they had won the first three they're playing kids against a team on the road that's a really good team maybe you can win a game like this against utah if you playing at home but on the road or in a playoff team you'll have some distance to keep that spot but it's not like you know they have the ability to throw it out there just you know hope something good app this doesn't happen what you saw last night especially when you see where where utah was just a they were healthy where they are in.

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