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Dot com and on this fourth of july long holiday weekend while you're there pick up a copy of trump's war his battle for america war import now than ever it's the battle plan for our gender you see what's going on with the media attacking president trump you see what's going on with the establishment republicans and establishment democrats attacking donald trump yet still he is out there working for us trying to make the nation a better place and will who could be against that while dr savage had the vision to see it all and he put it down in writing in trump's war his battle for america i guarantee you you will not be disappointed now it is fourth of july weekend today where people take off we look back on our years of freedom and we set off fireworks we barbecue we eat too much food we drink too many liquids whether it's gatorade water or of the of adult beverage kind and we have a good time it's a did sometimes it's a longer weekend than others and this time it's a fourday weekend for some three further anyways july forth it's a day we celebrate our nation's independence we should reflect back on those who made the ultimate sacrifice throughout the hundreds of years so that we can live free and enjoy it and at times unfortunately we all take it for granted but we have veteran's day of memorial day and all those other days for that but this days equally important to really take a second then reflect back on those who have fought those who have died those are fought lived because they're amongst us as well so it's kinda like every day what july fourth day of patriotism are positive day red white and blue fireworks friends family barbecues and people talk about patriotism we wear red white and blue i do and to put flags up and people in my community little some people lined their driveways with a little flags it's great but as we are involved in this fourth of july weekend well like me i'm pretty sure about my own patriotism okay and i liked the fact that donald trump is our president because i feel his is patriotism is severe but well more than a third of millennials.

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