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In December celebrate on December 5th of our work if I recall right off but we as Americans we Coca-Cola changed it took inspiration from Santa Claus and his how we have today Santa Claus over here. So what is can you speak on a little bit about the origins and the difference is cuz I'm assuming, you know about Santa Clara no Santa Claus for this point right off the difference between Santa Claus and Santa Claus well originally and that's also where the discussion is over right now in the Netherlands, but originally I'm from Saint Nick. Yes, Nick was protection Saint and it had to do with slaves. And if you had been bad then they threatened to put you into a bag and if yep Been good. You would be rewarded. So it was a system to keep the slaves into place and make them do whatever you wanted to do. Basically, that's how it originally started. And that's also why same since our class is white and then yes, we call them black Petes. They are black obviously because those were slaves and that's also the discussion that's now going on break it racist but for us it has nothing to do anymore with slavery and racism is to tradition for children since the class is really a children fast facts about who's been naughty and who's been nice. So that's a very big parallel to Santa Claus. Yeah, and it's also the gifts that come into the bags and then that are presented from the bag and Since the class doesn't come to a chimney he comes through the door, but he takes a speech with him his helpers and they they they they may throw candy at the children. Okay, then presents. Yeah, and that's where it's originally from. So the differences are that he doesn't have a sleigh he writes a big white horse. Okay? Okay Thomas with a steamboat another flying sled really? Okay cool doesn't go through the chimney the door. All right. So, oh go ahead with children are being asked to put their shoe in front of the fireplace. So that's into class can put their gifts in the shoe and they also leave a carrot for his horse. I'm assuming that's how when America changed it into Santa Claus wear stockings and came from cuz you know, it's usually you hang stockings on the mantle of the fireplace off.

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