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So let's take Corey Davis and my last name on my list and let's pair him with Curtis Samuel and what now you have a job in Corey Davis is going to play the X it's going to play outside and you have a guy in Curtis Samuel has your Z off the line flanked or whatever you want to call it receiver that can move all around the formation. I actually found at 3 a.m. From way back when Curtis Samuel was in the draft. I didn't I didn't remember this until I was searching my handle with Curtis Samuel's name for a video and I read realized that Curtis several used to play running back, right and that was his name. No role in college and his initial position in college. So he's got vertical ability at 431 speed and he's got bulk carrying ability with a running back background. So he is your sort of Swiss. Army knives versatile guy off. The line is from a jet. You're moving around. The formation Davis is your outside guy with your one-on-one coverage winner. That's an offense right. Now. You're starting to have complimentary pieces Curtis Samuel right off it around nine million dollars for David speaking 16 to Corey Davis to give 9 to Curtis Samuel here at that 25 for two is what we talked about all the time right now. You have an offense now, you have two complimentary offensive weapons that are going to be difficult to match up against that are going to be able to create mismatches across the field because the Patriots are going to be able to move those guys around and be creative with them exactly. That's what we're looking for. And you know, I think then you add a tight end to that whether it's Henry and now you're kind of spending a lot of money, but you're gonna have a pretty good offense or it's trading for Zach ertz, maybe yep. I like Tyler eifert who I don't thinks being talked about enough. I think I've heard, you know, he's played on some irrelevant teams radios in Cincinnati. And then he was with Jacksonville last year. Just you know, they're black holes their football black holes not really seen him, but he can play is he Henry know is he hurts based on what we saw last year if that regression holds he might be about that level, you know, you added him and now you have you know, not an elite number one side end, but the number one tight end and then Jacoby Myers, you know now suddenly there's a role for him. Now if Edelman comes back even though he's hurt he can maybe play a reduced role a situational role where there's less of a workload you figure out you sure you're doing it running back cuz James White's free agent, like now, you're putting it offense together where again if you spend twenty million dollars on Hunter Henry and twenty million dollars on all sides effort. You have a ton of star fat power but especially without a quarterback like that's not those players are hard to defend and Hunter Henry and all Shaun Geoffrey. But if you just add Hunter Henry and all Sean Jeffries the last year's Patriots offense. Yep. That tough to defend their not that much better. I think with those guys like the reason why I love a guy like Samuel as I mentioned the versatility in the ball-carrying..

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