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The slopes burned last year by the thomas fire the largest wildfire in california history for npr news i'm had lynn hardy's in los angeles stocks are sharply down on wall street at this hour the dow was down five hundred thirty four points the nasdaq down one hundred forty one the smp 500 down forty nine you're listening to npr news in washington from kqed news in san francisco i'm brian watt p g n e crews are working to restore electricity to more than twelve hundred residents across the bay area were without it according to the utility the outages were caused by the massive winter storm coating the region pg and he says there are more than five hundred customers in the south bay without power more than three hundred in the east bay nearly three hundred in the north bay and in the city of san francisco about sixty eight the utility warns residents to stay away from any downed power lines and i should warn you that in this next story there are gunshot sounds a national expert on lethal use of force says newly released video of san francisco police officers firing at a homicide suspect shows an appropriate response here's kqed's sara hussain in the body camera footage officers are debating whether to approach an rv were suspect joe armstrong is refusing to come out two shots ring out from the rv say police and they respond with sixty five rounds over ten seconds noone is hit in armstrong is apprehended two hours later uc berkeley franklin zimring author of when police kill says that shows good judgement the schoffstall without injury was followed evidently white two hours of deadly force restraint the district attorney's office department of police accountability an s fpd internal affairs are investigating the.

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