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And there's a huge amazing team behind me. And dave. That really should be taking credit for how much we've grown year on year. But also we've been able to stabilize that part of the business so much so that we also have time for that. I met you which is my own skin line. And that's going rapidly as well and then we also have other private brands like the clog and goodson days. That are also growing rapidly so we kind of have the best of both worlds. I can't really speak to other korean-american entrepreneurs have done you know. They obviously have seen growth in their own respective lines which is just purely business decision. I don't really know the inside story as to why they abandoned their other. More multibranding tiller strategy. What would you say about the state of korean beauty in the us right now just like what people have an appetite for. Because you know. I think in i know you talk to emma about this but you know it was shocking to me that innisfree closed their us stores and in china and in canada. And that was really buzzy brand you know and it was one that had grown rapidly and i know that there's salgar sephora partnerships and they're still going to be available but i mean you know people are always looking for signs and trends and so i'm just wondering what years thinking about all of this like you've always abandoned digital first brand and you've prioritize that over retail which is a hugely difficult Environment this last year. But you know what do you think the customer wants. and what. What's the appetite for capability right now when there are brands who are not korean. That are also kind of adopting your practices. Yeah he was such a great question. I love addressing this. Because i think i provide a another perspective to the conversation specifically about you know signs that maybe cream beauty brands like industry. This huge like you said. He's a huge global brand awareness. In and i guess Wrote relevancy in the space to be honest as a someone in bbc's for nine years. When i heard about them expanding and many brick and mortar stores in the us this is many years ago. pre pandemic four five years ago. I thought that was about idea to begin with and i knew that eventually. That probably isn't going to be visible model. Though it succeed to be placing their their brand in malls for example and even their expansion in in china when it was aggressive..

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