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Face with speaker house speaker Nancy hello when she sits down with her yeah absolutely and we absolutely see very sweet very core absolutely never work out past but I the reason I play that in John the reason I bring that up that clip demonstrated something really interesting to me that that refused to leave but she couldn't help she steam rolled over a seed to express how words yes she wasn't below sea and how she believe pelo see is still targeting them because they're women of color and she knows they're getting death threats and she what is she doing trying to get us killed is basically what to leave as asserting here about pelo see even in the midst of all this she can't help herself John and I think we lost John but that's the point the point is she's out these people are out of their mind they can't hold together for a second to stay focused they're so full of rage at anything or anyone that's in their way it doesn't matter how they get there how they bulldozer steamrolled their way through it they don't care about Donald Trump or racism they care about anyone in their way their anti American hateful spiteful better way and they went I couldn't believe in the midst of this supposed gift politically they've been handed I couldn't believe they still took the opportunity to go back after pelo see and suggest that she's trying to get them killed because of their skin color they just called Pelosi a racist again this morning it's so if everybody's a racist nobody is a racist right I mean it's close he's a racist than how legitimate is it the call trump a racist go to Frederick Maryland try don I'm sorry I lost you John I was trying to go somewhere with it but thanks for your patience with me today hi.

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