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Super perfect i think that makes me want to go to church like go to church for that when i think about lily collins i'm like wow her data's phil collins i just can have get past that crazy crazy true colors tarzan see true shining that's the cons dad he sees your colors shining through never forget that she so underrated honestly this is this is definitely one of my best she took inspiration from all this disney movie she's always in like she was in snow white and the huntsman she probably took this from the set totally she hired the same designer she looks and it's like young some of these young girls like just hubbard old yeah old school gowns like she looks she looks fired different yeah agreed agreed even though we're pretty much in agreement except for living a mother agree disagree next we have mini kaeling don't know how to describe this washy wearing she is wearing vests sali's zoo of john okay got go in honestly this is terrible like an i fight for many killing show i want her to win in everything i want her to be the best of the best career make the most money fight for her i love her and this is horrible like not only does address just enough it be is universally considered ugly i just i hadn't theme not in theme and should gloves and crown to being theme they don't match no this is tried today my next question is an we have to approve of all of the looks like she get to see what the designers are working on did she let this walk down her carpet i'm assuming approved things.

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