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Two thirty six clean up is underway along Minneapolis's paint Lake Street it follows the second straight night of violent protests over the death of George Floyd the black man who died in police custody on Monday the city of Minneapolis erupted overnight at least parts of the city did as protests escalated into violence in a shopping center in south Minneapolis several buildings were on fire or already destroyed we saw people looting they didn't seem to care that some of them were on camera meanwhile the justice department has released a statement saying that it is conducting a robust criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding George Floyd's death Jeffrey gaze CBS news Minneapolis and you today the National Security Agency has released a rare cyber security advisory to the public the message beware of Russian military hackers according to when I say Russian cyber actors from the G. R. U. main center for special technologies have been exploiting a vulnerability in the unix and some Lennix operating systems since at least August of twenty nineteen the problem is in the extra mail transfer agent it allows unauthenticated remote attackers to send specially crafted emails to execute commands allowing the hackers to install programs modify data and create new accounts NSA is urging system administrators to patch the systems immediately JJ green WTOP news latest on our forecast will talk about today's jobless numbers next to thirty seven we're just in time for Ashley home stores biggest Memorial Day sale happening now save sixty percent off plus free delivery by Ashley.

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