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To whatever whether it's true or not again i have to resume people are innocent until proven guilty but matt lauer statement pretty much was an admission of guilt to at least some degree so i i you know don't call me a hypocrite you know al franken sort of admitted i i dunno franken should step down no more than i think roy more should step out of the race in alabama i think matt lauer probably should should have been fired because it's a different situation there's a whole conversation ongoing and it's very concerning to me out of this it's an important one to have it's a debate we must fully like a rubik's cube we got to look at all sides of it but it's really concerning because there was an interview this morning on cnn representative rendall lawrence michigan they're talking about representative conyers who apparently has had all kinds of sexual assault allegations his deputy chief of staff from two thousand three to two thousand fourteen is come forward has broken a nondisclosure agreement and is talking to the press the today show of all places describing the the over tours the sexual advancement the appropriate touched touching that a rep conyers had had conducted while she he was the deputy staff this congressional office and i have a thought on that with the nondisclosure i'll get to that in a minute but but you have this debate with representative brenda lawrence and cnn acre this morning about the fact that this man won't stepped down he says i'm not stepping down i'll let the voters decide in all want to run for reelection next year they can decide whether i step down or not but here's sort of the reaction this is a democrat congresswoman from michigan to what we could do in congress to deal with people like her fellow democrat conyers player when we look at washington we keep hearing about yes there should be due process yes there should be an investigation i get the things work differently in washington but is the only day that lawmakers are now going to be held accountable is on election day is that the.

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