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Brian cashman gave you reasons to believe the didi gregoria straight finding guys off the scrap heap like brandon mccarthy martine prada who played well for this team nfl the cashing took a team that was aging four players on the downside of jeeter we're in his final year pen in his final year dealing with the end of arun persada and may work hey yankees weren't that exciting from thirteen till two thousand seventeen warrant but they kept stock in that forum system and even in fifteen and sixteen you know what the aggies went down at the bottom of the barrel when you talked about form systems and all baseball that's the way you feel about the mets this stage and that's why i don't have the confidence in general manager so i want this general manager train away to ground or syndergaard i trust them to get dealer don baseball what i've seen the last few years explain to me why i should let's head to queens our good buddy band benny boy more in double j i sleep awaited happy birthday to appreciate that ben all the big brielle you gotta waste to reach me so you're good you're good sun i will say this one thing about washington is i don't know if you've got a chance to hit that trip that's by georgetown but there is a strip of bars by george town that is possibly most unknown but best like just say rivals new orleans for me i'll say it like that i and there are a couple of hot spots in dc that a wild and it's a great city it's clean it's reasonable there's so much to do and that's why listen i went down there to see yankees i'm a yankee fan that is my heart and soul that is my passion i wanted to be down there on my birthday or the day after watching the yankees internationals two of the better teams in baseball then happen but you know what ben you gotta make the best of.

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