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By stamps dot com. Mailbag? We got some good stuff. I don't know if you've seen this yet. But it's a portrait of you atom with boxing gloves on really looking serious really looking to fight. It says, hey, Adam you are talk. Oh bell. Material. Don't ever let anyone tell you different. Enjoy. Evan and it is painted out of Taco Bell sauce, the sauce pack. I love that include the sauce pack, and it would not resonate as thank you. I saw that online and I loved it. But I gotta hang that. It's shell put it up. We've looked put up everything here the hallways of this. Shop the other shop and studios everything there Dohrn with these pictures. So thank you very much. Evan and. I appreciate it. If you guys ever been really, well, don't to it's really well done. And if the painting I'd like to find Yoko Ono and just go, hey, guess what? A guy did hack taco sauce creatively. What you couldn't achieve eighty six years. Trying. I was stoned. A taco packet. And he's he's better than you are typically, and if you wanna get not Taco Bell material, by the way, please go to chassis to us in wire items or Amazon watch it, please. And then tell me about it. I love it. When you guys see that special. Go ahead Gina grad, Adam and the rest of the crew I was sifting through some scraps in the woodshop when I found some pieces that can only really be used for small projects like cheese boards coasters that are included in this package. I've never paid anything for the enjoyment. I get from listening to the show. So I hope you'll enjoy your gifts not count..

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