President Trump, Chris Collins, Congressman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The president be questioned or not i'm jack callaghan fox news president trump's personal legal team giving its response to a request from special counsel robert muller to interview the president what they're doing is they're sending to clear messages to robert mueller the special counsel team that they're willing to work with him on one hand on a potential interview with the president but on the other hand they believe it's put up or shut up time in terms of bringing this investigation is some kind of conclusion as part of a deal to get testimony from the president giuliani and jaysekulow declaring this muller's last best chance to get a one on one with the president and pushing for the special counsel to wrap up this investigation they say by september i henry reports attorney rudy giuliani says the team will not allow the president who risk of perjury trap whitehouse announcing new sanctions against russia over the attempted assassination of a former russia's russian spine great britain in the first round of sanctions will limit exports in financing a second round bans the export from the united States have sensitive national security products that's. The one that's expected to really hit Russia hard FOX's John Roberts exposed to a Russian nerve agent former spy Sergei. Scruple and whose daughter recovered, Kremlin denies any involvement New York congressman Chris Collins arrested charged with insider trading US attorney Jeffrey Berman says Collins is a member of the board of a biotech company was told confidential corporate information about a failed drug trial prosecutors say the congressman told his son and his son told his fiancee's father both of them sold their stock. Her also facing charges, boxes Jared Halpern congressman. Collins who represents, the buffalo area is denying the allegations says he will not resign and will stay in the race for reelection a powerful aftershock terrified people on the Indonesian, island of lumber and brought down more buildings on the island of those. Was hit by last seven magnitude quake on Sunday Fox News fair and balanced Some people still think an education from northern Virginia. Community. College is just settling well how about settling for the skills? Companies the most around here, there's a, shortage of nurses, computer engineers in cybersecurity experts?.

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