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America, Andrew Cuomo, ABC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The current unrest across the nation the covert nineteen pandemic is still raging America's biggest city still hiring in the fight New York City contact tracers are reaching out to all of the roughly six hundred people who tested positive city wide and succeeded in getting through to half of them say city officials the program just started the city's hired seventeen hundred people for contact tracing and needs twenty five hundred total to meet governor Andrew Cuomo's target for entering the first phase of the states for step re opening process tracers are placing people infected with the virus in hotel rooms if they need to isolate themselves ABC's chucks Iverson raised eyebrows over a Chinese diplomat statement on an outside investigation of covert nineteen origins China would welcome an international review into the origins of the pandemic that's according to Beijing's ambassador to the UK says the purpose of such a probe should not be to label any country there's nobody like sorry for the record is a treat it can stand the test of time and history says the WHO's should lead such a review led by scientists in free of politics Tom rivers ABC news London a contract worker on the trans Alaska pipeline is expected to recover after being mauled by a bear and seriously injured while running on a public road in the Brooks range in northern Alaska this is ABC news Facebook Twitter Google and YouTube are being criticized for banning political messages one big media companies even asking Twitter to ban president trump each weekday at six PM eastern Sean Spicer tackles the new censorship and it's dangerous what.

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