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Peter Falk as Lieutenant come on Bo was originally offered to Bing Crosby. Whoa. That's weird. We'll take a break here. We're coming back tomorrow for another show. We'll tell you a little bit about it. Right after this all of us online. WGN radio dot com. All right. We're back on Wednesday. And we've got a whole bunch of really cool topics to talk about and Vivian is going to be producing great job on working with you. Because he was fine. Do it again tomorrow all the way through Friday. Absolutely nice job. That was fun. Thank everybody. Stay tuned. Because the news is coming up next followed by the opening bell with Steve Grzanich. So we'll be back tomorrow Wednesday morning. Make sure you please. Tune in starting at one AM here. Everyone's favourite weatherman. Tom skilling weekday afternoons at four on the road count show with ended. Devante im seven twenty WGN. Chicago's smart speaker users police say just say play WGN radio on tunein. WGN? News time is five AM. The news is sponsored by team hockberg. Here's victim. Thank you naked morning. It's mostly cloudy. Thirty two at O'Hare. The Red Cross is offering shelter to people impacted by flooding near area. Rivers the rock. River is overflowing near for north west Rockford. Also seeing reports of serious flooding now near the Pekka Tana River in freeport and sherline we're hearing publicly from the CEO of Boeing. This after two recent crashes involving it's seven thirty seven max, eight commercial airliners ABC's. Alec stone lives. Depend on the work. We do at Boeing video statement, Boeing CEO. Dennis Muilenburg says the company is working with the FAA and other agencies on all issues regarding the 737 max were United with our airline customers. International regulators and government and our efforts to support the most recent investigation. He says Boeing lava software update soon to fix the problem believed to have played a role in the downing of a Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight last October. Federal prosecutors have until the end up today to make public certain court documents that could reveal the underlying reasoning behind the federal government's raid on President Trump's former personal lawyer ABC's Aaron Katersky Michael Cohen was under suspicion for making false statements and tax evasion. Crimes to which he pleaded guilty and four which he's heading to prison in may federal prosecutors said wholesale disclosure would reveal too much about an ongoing investigation. Into campaign finance violations related to the hush payments made to women because of that the judge agreed. There will be reductions in a speech to parliament New Zealand's, Prime minister, just send our Dern pleaded with the public to deny the accused Moscow gunmen platform, elevating is white supremacist views families of the full and will have Justice. He thought many things from his extra Thira that one was notoriety. And that is why you will never hear me mention his name as to the suspect. He has dismissed his lawyer and will now represent himself at his murder trial and back locally striking workers will begin forming. Picket lines later this morning outside several buildings at the university of Illinois Chicago campus, their fifteen hundred teaching assistants at graduate assistants at UIC say they'll stop showing up for work indefinitely this after failed contract talks. We'll check WGN sports here. Good morning, David. Thank you bet. Good morning if the Blackhawks miss out on the playoffs by one point. They may look. Back at last night's game. With a bit of a regret our xfinity Blackhawks report, the hawks had a one nothing lead after one period gave up two goals in the first six plus minutes of the second ad while the hawks did tie at late ended up losing in overtime three two two to Vancouver Jonathan tapes and Eric Gustafsen scored for the hawks, but they left another point out there. They could have been three points out of a playoff spot this morning. Instead the gap is four with just ten games to go. Arizona lost to Tampa Bay four to one while the Blackhawks five game winning streak at it. Sort of the bulls five game losing streak they want to 0 one sixteen one or one, Robin. Lopez would twenty four xactly being seventeen as the bulls got their twentieth. Win the NC double A tournament. Tips off tonight with the first of the first four games in Dayton to more tomorrow exhibition baseball the giants beat the White Sox. Five to two SOX manager, Ricky Renteria named callers Don is opening day starter next week against the riles cubs. Had the day off. We'll have the socks reds tonight from Goodyear Arizona, eight o'clock here on WGN on the home of the.

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