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Was the bucks one. Fifteen. Hawks went oh, seven rockets win forty nine Suns. One thirteen it. Oversaw. The Mavericks beat the grizzlies one twenty nine one twenty-seven knick's over the wizards won thirteen one ten blazers won fifteen nuggets one zero six Lakers top the jazz one thirteen one oh nine the pelicans over the kings, one thirty three one twenty nine baseball. The dodgers double up the Rockies twelve six Red Sox one. I'm the backs. Nothing was the angels over the ranger seventy-two Astros nine eight Mariners twelve White Sox five. Cardinals over the Padres for one race three giants. Nothing. Brewers four cubs to pirates seven reds five. The Braves beat the Marlins for two three nationals twelve Mets nine Phillies edge the twins two to one was the keys over the Orioles. Fifteen three Tigers. Three royals won the Indians. Beat the Blue Jays three to one and H L sabres fire. Head coach Phil Housley the Panthers fire head coach Bob Buchner the kings announce an interim head coach Willie days idea will not return next season golf. Corey Connors wins the Texas Open NASCAR. Kyle Busch wins at Bristol. Kurt Busch came in second. Joey Logano finished third Peter Schwartz as Bill Ryder, we do radio right rather than you. Weekdays six eastern three Pacific on CBS sports radio. Hey Broncos country. This is Tiki barber. Brandon Tierney, and I are talking NFL weekdays at one on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. This. He's after hours with Lawrence. Okay. Meet you Dodd who. Now is a pretty good job. You. Yeah. Don't get cocky, they Star Wars kind of nice. We're doomed. I don't think so fighting with a lightsaber Israel. Like, my father before me. This is after hours with Lawrence. How many more my favorite things, I can pack into one day. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes. Now, they're all over Facebook. And I didn't put the pictures up there. So that you would send me messages they are greatly appreciated, but you don't you don't need to. I put the pictures up because the turtles and the pink trees make me happy. But also because I just house the cupcake that Christian Dave gave me for my birthday. And there's also a few more of my favorite snacks in the photo. So it's either on Facebook after hours with Amy Lawrence or on our show Twitter after our CBS, you can check out my Twitter as well..

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