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Hour news room, An evacuation warning for part of Diamond Bar's been lifted as firefighters gain some control of the fire burning in your Belinda O. C. Fire Authority Captain Gregg Bartosz says the fire that's burned more than 14,000 acres is now 23% contained. We're definitely making a huge difference, he says. There are no flames threatening homes right now cover things could always change if there's a wind shift, so we are monitoring things. Captain Barnes says crews are positioned in strategic areas in case things do flare up. People are also a law allowed back home nearer. Fine is containment on the wildfire there is increased to 32%. The fires burned about 13,000 acres to firefighters were hurt fighting it there in critical condition. Both have been with the Orange County Fire Authority for less than a year. They have severe burns over more than half their bodies. Firefighters were able to rescue a little barn owl from the flames on Tuesday for good to help..

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