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W T O P traffic and weather on the H and when it breaks its 70 wait, and we go to marry to Papa who's in the traffic center. Okay. Thanks Snickering to start out on the capital Beltway, the outer loop. You're slow getting out of Prince George's County in the Montgomery County. As you passed 95. It's a single lane rolling to get past New Hampshire Avenue Exit 28 single file to the right is getting by over the Northwest Branch bridge in a work zone scheduled for the weekend of various lands could close they could shift but that's the scenario right now. And for the foreseeable future, you'll need extra time on the Beltway. All workarounds to get past University Boulevard would work right now. Keep that in mind. It's lighter volume otherwise, and for a price, you could take the icy sea to get past going westbound. Nothing reported their 95 in Maryland, but wait a Beltway runs well. South on to 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway out of Baltimore crash was clear to the right shoulder and you can make that exit now to get onto the inner loop of 6 95 and the parkway runs well, all the way to the Beltway. Inside of the Beltway and on to D. C to 95 to 95 no troubles. There they are working on First Sterling or South Capitol Street that whole Interchange Suitland Parkway, so be prepared for various lane closures and redirection. Outbound Suitland Parkway. We still have a disabled vehicle just before Stanton Road, staying to the left to get by lots of street closures, downtown and parking restrictions. It's all going into play around the National Mall, the White House the Capitol to include Constitution and independence avenues. All of your bridges should be available across the Potomac. The freeway will stay open and in and out of the third Street Tunnel, your best option to avoid any kind of delay. Fullest of closures can be found on the front page of w t o p dot com in Virginia. For the most part, Interstate travel has been light but 66 heading westbound in Centerville, passing 29. It's only a single lane that will get you by the work soon. This is brought to you by long fence. They're giving 20% off savings on all fences, decks and papers. Financing is available for qualified buyers. Go toe long fence dot com and schedule Your free estimate today. Married upon the WC Heavy traffic that we turn things over to storm team for meteorologist Lauren Ricketts of Sunshine today says temperatures continue to rise into the middle fifties. Yeah, it's gonna be a beautiful day. Few.

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