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We're at this convention and someone from blood sweat and tears came to us and said the band is playing at the met tonight at lincoln center and bobby kolingbe who is the drummer from the band is a huge uh comic book fan of specially of cabinet american spiderman can you guys com so of course being the horse we are charlie and i said yes we showed up at the men we ran on with blood sweat and tears and had dubbing captured america and not spiderman was what you could see your face you could drag wiz that your first shelve is job i think you'd have to call it my first show biz job you amazing it with lou clinton connected in time to my second show biz job which was standing in for christopher reeve on cbs's love of life which was a soap that he was doing who is also doing a broadway show and we became friends 'cause we had done some summerstock together life he had he was a a rich kid any flu an airplane he said you wanna go to teeter from peterborough too like albany for lunch and to be i thought this was the most exciting thing wasn't sure so we flew to albany from teeter burrow in his airplane and this again is the '70s and he checked his deeper or checked is i don't know how it was presell phone and while we were having lunch in albany.

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