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You listening. Lob Stephen ESPN radio ESPN is about away. Go forget beginning. Tomorrow morning at six AM ESPN and ESPN radio. Go all access with a twenty eighteen World Series champion. Boston Red Sox will have interviews all morning with coaches and players including David price. Who will join me on? I take tomorrow in the eleven AM our eastern standard time. Of course. Then watch the Red Sox. Take on the twins at one pm on ESPN as well. Stick around or touch that? Dial Stephen eight years when radio he has been news. Just what you're in the middle of the Stephen with show podcast. If you missed any of today's show, go check it out on demand, and the Stephen a Smith podcast brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining a banking accounts with no fees or minimums. They can be opened at five minutes Capital One. Hey, hey, what's in your wallet before I get back to the calls? Let me say this real quick to my mission. Kill oh new. Who turned forty seven years of age today. Happy birthday. The. The. Two. You suggested happy birthday I'm going to your restaurant right here in LA law today, by the way, I'm headed anyway back to the phones James, you'll obvious even talk to me real quick. Even a my brother, my brother, my brother, nothing, but love and respect for. Thank you. I just wanna talk about Columbine. What we set about two minutes. I gotta Russia. Go ahead. Okay. Stephen just going negative thing. He might have done was not read the history of this country. Stephen, that's probably the only negative thing. He hasn't done because my toe is this hot dogs apple pie and a big help in racism. That's what this is about. Stephen. I love you, brother. Appreciate strong. Thank you. My man. Appreciate you. David you live, Stephen. They talked to me. Question for you. Is it fair for me to think that LeBron James signing with the Lakers more about his court career that on career note is yes, it is fear? You can make that argument. Listen, just because LeBron James is phenomenal. And he's great. Does it mean that he prioritized basketball over everything else with this move to LA? Will you listen to Ramona Shelburne who came on this show yesterday who doesn't exceptional job covering the NBA talk about LeBron James, no press conference talk about LeBron James not showing up to give out the pizzas that time talk about LeBron James not really having a press conference or anything like that talks about his ventures in the Hollywood. And you listen to Bill Plaski who went on will Cain show yesterday talking about how LeBron essentially thought that ingratiating himself with LA was ingratiate yourself with Hollywood. But how Hollywood isn't really with a Laker fans lie, but that's what he's connected to. Then it does appear more than fair to question whether his priority was Hollywood rather than the Lakers. But still an old that doesn't mean he steps out on the court and give a half effort. He's still shows up until after twenty seven to nine. He's still doing what he's supposed to be doing for the most part. And we can't take that away from David. I gotta get on outta here. But it was a good question. I appreciate your call. And it's more than fair to ask. We gotta get on outta here. Happy to have this show today. Especially the golf this column stuff. I'm not finished. I'll get back into it. And did some tomorrow plus more Lakers play the nuggets night? And then so Tokyo on twenty two just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app.

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