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Prices and participation may vary can not be combined with any other offer combo meal But 9 38 Steve dresner now in the traffic signal If you're on the outer loop at the capitol Bill William Virginia do be on the lookout try to stay in the free lanes if you're heading over the Woodrow Wilson bridge in a prince George's county Over on the local lanes call her just update us We have a multi vehicle accident on the bridge only as single left lane gets you by and we are expecting response on the scene they're not there yet apparently This crash has been in place for over a half hour but try to stay on the through lanes on the outer loop of the capitol beltway going from Virginia over to prince George's county Staying in Virginia otherwise pretty good ride on the beltway in both directions traffic moving nicely on I three 95 On the northbound side in 95 minor delays just leaving 17 falmouth up through Stafford north of Stafford opens up nicely over the quanto these Springfield interchange no problems reported over on the southbound side We're in decent shape in both directions over on 66 In Maryland struggling northbound BW Parkway delays remain four ten Riverdale up through the beltway and one 93 traffic moves a lot better more during north of one 97 95 very good shape between the two beltways and no issues to report on two 70 or en route 50 Dealing with the crash westbound 70 right before the exit for all the kids city that's X 8 87 at last report two to the left get you by This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank Local knowledge local decisions Four commercial banking it's better at Burke and Herbert bank Take your service since 1852 Steep Steve dresner WTO traffic Steve thank you Now let's get your storm team four four day forecast Here's NBC four samar Theodore How about that Partly cloudy skies out there tonight temperatures falling into the 50s This was really a nice way to kick off the weekend tomorrow for the second.

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