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Back everyone to the Doug Davis show, and we are here with Monica late and the president of professional pet sitting. And she's got a great tip pet. The week this week I myself. No, I just took my girls in for their their annual, and they all had to go through the heart worm prevention, you know, for the test for that. And of course, we're all we're all good. And then I don't know if people understand the importance of hard work prevention, can you talk to us about that. I mean, I know hardware prevention has around for a long period of time. But it it. It's amazing to me that, you know, clients come in. And they're just I don't know if we don't talk about it as much as we used to. But they're saying oh my gosh. I didn't even realize that you know, I had to do that. Or no, they're not on something and. It's really really bad disease for your pet to get heartworms are transmitted through mosquitoes. So if your pets outside going to the bathroom, or are you gonna mosquito when the house any kind of bike can transfer the larvae of the heart worm if that larvae is found inside that mosquito? We do have a high prevalence in our area. Of course, you know, all over the US pets are getting heartworms. There is a great organization that really compiles all these results that I always like to share clients to let them know, you know, that it is really prevalent, and you can go to the website and look in your area and your specific county for the entire US in through Canada to see exactly how prevalent heartworms are your tick borne diseases like your wines disease. A plasma says also for cats it'll tell you the prevalence of. Feline leukemia and FIV in your area. And also tell you the prevalence on internal parasites..

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