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Duck. Tails tails, Nickelodeon, he was literally a vampire duck who they were bringing him back to life and instead of using blood the us catch up, so he's just like this goofy vegetarian he won't bite beast or man that is Donald song. Donald. Hour. He could be resurrected with you know, he starts and she goes. She grabs the catch up on. All right. The really really long reference. I was making was that the yell that that branches did for what the general public sounds like sounded just like the made from Kentucky dot you? You're welcome minutes later. The other thing that makes things seem weird. There is the Gulfstream. And so there's a major surface current primarily driven by the Thermo hailing circulation or as our flatter friends called it when we did our roundtable bullshit. The do they said it didn't exist. So in essence, there's a river in the ocean. Think of finding nemo. All right. Remember the little turtles ever in that stream? That's the Gulfstream never seen vinyl IMO finding Dory. But I watched finding nemo bothered me because I found out later that if that actually happened the father would have just switched sexes and sort of having sex with his son Kevin's really angry over here. Yeah. That's what that's what conflict actually do. I was angry about you. And then I got really angry when he just explained to me about I was just saying since you have a son you've never never watched it. Well, maybe he's not we're too busy watching Elmo right now. We'll be okay. But for real though, they're the they do pretty good job of explaining the Gulfstream in there. It's like a, you know, it's his jet stream that goes through there, and what I'm getting at is planes, go down, and they're not overly large even ships at sink. They hit the Gulfstream. And so will the plane went here. It might be miles. Carried away off course to were actually nestles on the bottom of the ocean. Or if it's floating. All right. So I was here and then in a few hours your way way far away. Right. And so people go how did that happen? It's the Gulfstream. But if you don't know that exists or if you're like are flatter, friends and say, it doesn't exist because it's a lie for whatever reason. There's some things they say lies that doesn't even argue with the flat earth. What is your problem? So if you make a water landing, and you go mayday mayday, I'm taking on what are going to. You know, these degrees, and they go out there, and they gave an hour fifty miles away. And they don't find it. Right. That should happen quite often in water. Brent I appreciate you taking us through those other examples, but it was actually solved in two thousand sixteen. Oh shit. It's weather. Specifically microbursts. So there's a show on the science channel actually watch pretty frequently. This show is not one that I spent a lot of time on it's called what on earth, and literally every episode is just them taking some sort of satellite image. They found and talking to a bunch of scientists about it, they talk they don't even show pitch other pictures of the area, it's about one side image. It's not great. But on this particular episode is so we don't keep billing. Valid point on this particular episode. They said they explained the Bermuda. Triangle, and it got picked up the New York Post the today show in New York Post. Yeah. I mean, it's a it's a reputable reputable newspaper. No. But it it really what it was picked up in a lot of places in the episode. They said that the hexagon shaped clouds were said to create strong winds that form microbursts of air also referred to as air bombs. They bring down planes crash ships things like that boom airbomb which could that the air bazooka tube. While you're doing it at a plane in a much larger thing, unfortunately, we find out not too long after this. This amazing discovery that even the scientists that they quoted in the show. His name was Randy Servini meteorologist Randy Servini, rainy. Servini sounds more. Like a wrestler on Doppler five mean Randy Servini, drop the Doppler five under. He says he was grossly mischaracterized, and he wasn't even when they were in viewing him for the show. He wasn't even trying to explain the community. Triangle got too. Good point. You know, what I think we should listen to a clip from the show. Now, we're good. Powerful winds recorded by radar in the North Sea. Also, exists below the hexagonal clouds over the Bahamas. And meteorologist Randy survey thinks they're connected to a terrifying. Atmospheric vini? These types of hexagon shapes over the ocean our innocence air bombs. Perform five wetter called microbursts their placid air that come down on the bottom of the cloud, and then hit the ocean, and then create waves that can sometimes be massive incisors. They start to interact with each. All right. So here's a couple issues. I have with I've seen the whole clip number one. Well, number one, they're calling these Hicks clouds their holes in clouds and. This survey just said, he said hexagonal shapes. He never said, no they did. They are not exciting closer holes. Number two, one will be a square, and they draw a hexagonal ones at triangle. And they they were just yeah. There's clouds in it. Yeah. Is not even holes, it's such B S. And the other thing is before this clip, if you watch the whole thing they put where they're on the map and the zoom out to show you the Bermuda. Triangle if they were not even in the Bermuda outside of it. Yeah. But they they weren't in the Bermuda. So he intervention was interviewed by the Washington Post after this. And he's like I wasn't even talking about. I mean, they might have happened in that area. But they literally went understand the science I'm meteorologist they wanted to understand how microbursts work. And they're sake and killed ships. Exactly. He's saying that when you see those patterns, not cloud patterns that can be an indication of a microburst cool. Interesting stuff. That's good to know. He was not then saying and all of those patterns are always there and they're sinking ships in planes in the Bermuda. Triangle undo turns out we did not get the answer from the science channel similar, but different another thing that could be sinking them there, and my favorite favorite crazy explanation that actually could be scientifically factual, methane hydrates, methane burst. So here's the thing. There is a presence of large fields of methane gas on the continental shelf underneath the ocean. I had some methane verse. They are gigantic so laboratory experiments carried out in Australia have proven that bubbles cannon deed sink skill model ship by decreasing the density of the water as a two for any wreckage concert. Rising to the surface would be rapidly dispersed by the Gulfstream. And so if you look this up they actually show videos of it. Now it works, and they showed it one of the ones that they took a basket, and it it's you put it on water, and it floats, and they took soap, and they shot the service of the water, and it changes, the density and the basket falls into the water will the Mets funny made that sound there. Thing kind of farts, methane works. The same in case you guys were wanted alluding to. Methane works. The same way it changes. The didn't see the water. So literally if your ship up there in a methane burst large enough, you'd be an aircraft carrier Elseneer us, then into the water, and it's been hypothesized that periodic methane eruptions. They're actually some called mud volcano. They're called that Ellie may produce regions of frothy water that are. Providing for AUSSIE, mud volcanoes. Okay. Frothy mud volcanoes low hanging fruit. Brenton. They can't provide adequate points for ships. But if this was the case such an area around ship would cause the sink rapidly without warning. So of course, plane engines, they showed a large person, methane a big enough to sink that would go in the atmosphere. It could kill a gas engine. It would shut it down that fall. But according to research, no large releases of gas hydrates are believed to have occurred in the Byamugisha triangle for the last fifteen thousand years.

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