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The new these furniture jam cam the styles you love for less were looking in new jersey at route forty two but around exit 14 in both directions things are moving well right now is just a little bit of moderate volume coming back across the delaware river now vine street expressway six seventy six e westbound this is a slow go right now from eight street on over to broad street it gets bumper to bumper from the parkway across the river to the schuylkill expressway once you get on the schuylkill not a bad ride from the vine round the boulevard but you do pick up the volume right as city avenues you roll through ballack king would up to gladwin does get slow around the contra haakan curve eases out passable route you're gonna pick up some more as go through gulf meals over to king of prussia gouda the eastbound side against they'll sluggish from 202 not too bad pass the blue route once you get once he gets at gladwin it does slow down as you get through gladwin down to ballack him would also for for not saying what you're seeing beat haiti eighty phone force tipster by dialing two one five seven 24 1060 next update in less than ten minutes i'm bill dawson from the trumark financial credit union 24 hour traffic center thank you very camera news time five thirty three or four alarm fire ripped through an old city billing earlier today forcing more than one hundred people avelar homes on hotel rooms overnight firefighters are still others say and looking for a cause came out of his tim hermanez report who's got to this fivestorey building here at third and chest not at around three in the morning and as time went along the intensity of this fire ramped up huge flavor shooting out the front end from the roof thick black and white smoke filled the air apartments in the nearby independence park hotel were evacuated hotel guests like jesse garcia from texas removed to acept the bus to stay warm whenever we actually made it to the street when they were evacuated as further to argue this on this this bus over here yeah it is a very chaotic scenes i never see some of the far jokes.

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