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Like roughly two to five percent of the people people that are stopped and interrogated are found some sort of violation anyway eight others were arrested for something not in talks uh not intoxication yeah so that's interesting because these statistics don't and again these are i think he's basically are statistics that they're pulling out but i think i think these i think and this is the thing like there i think there were like four people who are ticketed for different things during the two nights that they did the checkpoint in cheshire county or the i should say the two checkpoints in cheshire county this past not this year but last year and of those who's again like nursing person was was under intoxication but that's what that's what just that's why i'm thinking like this is unusual unusual like this seems like an unusual example that they pulled out but anyway eight others were arrested for something not intoxication so in other words basically salihi and the thing is there are only permitted like if you actually look at what so they have to get a warrant in order to set up the checkpoint and when they set up these checkpoints like they're supposed to do like the only thing they're supposed to be looking for isn't toxication what they say to people is specified like in the in the warrant what they what cars they pull over like they have to say we're gonna pull over every third car and like some of this is done in order to like i think it has to do with discrimination like so so that they can't be accused of discrimination or something like that but like after show where the cones are going to be laid what roads what side of the road like all this has to be planned out and approved by the superior court in new hampshire prior to them doing these checkpoints in order for them to be legal but what we found is that they're they're violating violating these is these these orders and you know it's been it's been one of the things i've been asked or people have brought up is if they're not doing if they're not obeying order they're in violation in you might be and i don't know if this is the key i don't know if we built this but you might be able to go in and file something with the court saying hey dating actually they breaking the law here and they might be able to the court might be able to punish them at that point for for for that but i don't know like nobody's is actually investigated or taking that path and i don't even know if we'd be able to file something with the core maybe you could if you went through the check point i but like usually you can't can't sue the police if they violate your rights in a lot of cases so it's your effectively if you were i don't even know if you'd have to drink and drive drive they go through the checkpoint in order to case i don't know yeah i don't know about that but yeah you can you can file lawsuits virtually anything but it won't go anywhere but we'll get an everyday thrown out in a lot of cases if it's not you know if it's obviously up to the alleged crime took place so someone in has has committed a criminal act against you usually just for detaining you for a few minutes they're not gonna be able to do anything in this case standing might be an issue so they're setting it up were you detained for how long usually few minutes is reasonable so it it is very difficult to stop this kind of thing unless they actually arrest you unlawfully isolated yeah let's see here so so let's hear a five hundred thousand nine drivers were innocent the cops didn't catch them in violation of any laws though there's zero doubt that all five hundred and fifty six were guilty of some violation or another well yeah yeah i i wouldn't be surprised and here's the other thing just because he's arrested doesn't necessarily mean they're guilty here either so just because there were eight people arrested they could have all been innocent for all we know so so finally to thirty nine had their rights infringed on while while travelling freely inside the borders of their own state free staters are known to protest these stops they will leave signs warning being drivers of upcoming sobriety checkpoints it's not just sobriety checkpoints let's make this clear these are the righty checkpoints that are just the ones that are more our common but there's also other checkpoints that they have set up and i i i have to wonder about the legality of those whose well because they might have started with the sobriety checkpoints but they've got they've extended those two other sorts of check points but the check points the checkpoints were specifically carved out an exception you know constitutional exception so i'm very curious as to you know what happens you know with these other checkpoints now that they're setting up there will we're going to need more people we'll challenge them more people accountable if you've been injured if you've been incarcerated because of an illegal checkpoint you need to file some papers against them yes i know the ACLU did actually challenge in new hampshire a checkpoint in northern new hampshire the border patrol the with order another border so they're setting up a second border in inlands border is it's the federal government the border patrol will they have no right to set that kind of thing in hopefully they are challenged more yeah so the ruling that occurred in new hampshire was effectively that the new berkshire police cannot work with the border patrol agents in with it within these inland border checkpoints eventually the only thing they're supposed to do is ask are you are you a citizen or not but the basically i think what was going on is that the cops were of this state new hampshire state cops were at the checkpoints i looking for drugs and other illegal stuff going on which the new hampshire supreme court ruled was illegal because again you know these these are literally exceptions effectively that are carved out for these agents to do these things and when they step beyond what they're allowed to do within that exception they're still breaking the law but on the cops for whatever reason they don't they don't really care what the law is it's it's more about harassment and you know you know getting padding their pockets and things like that they're getting paid overtime in a lot of cases a for for these checkpoints they're federal grants that are being used in order to pay them and this is this is this is what they like to do if you can sit on your ass as opposed to actually going out and work they bill pick the easier of the two and that's sending on their ass basically asking people stupid questions in harassing you know a lot more people whose rights are that the united states government was formed to defend your rights writes yes there you're right i don't know about that but not those of governments or its enforcement arm the police don't forget the police work for you there's i mean that's what they say i don't believe that it's actually what they do the union leader however is more than willing to deceit it your rights to the police state when people interfere with such a check doc as they have done in manchester by warning drivers to turn around or take another route so this is this is what the you know the union leader said this quote they are not doing the public any favors i nor are the taxpayers well-served when they have to pay to settle lawsuits because of because an officer made the wrong decision arresting one of these yahoos that was referenced to me nor are the taxpayers well-served when they have to pay to settle lawsuits because the cops fucked up clearly the greenwich response to that maybe just maybe those officers should stop violating the rights of citizens you know the basic ones yeah like fundamental rights the ones that they're actually expected to know uh-huh right to assemble right to petition right to free speech because an officer made the wrong decision by arresting one of these yahoos yahoos yep if you believe in your eligible writes your yahoo especially if you are a member of the free state project grin and bear it if any any completely unrelated at oriel editor of the union leader takes aim at free staters once again it appears the mirror merrimack police department had to shoot a bear after attack someone's editor laments as the closing line that it's just lucky for the police that there was there were no free staters area to hold up signs yelling re telling residents to bear false witness to the fuzz if asked about the bears whereabouts what's so you know if you don't like the police state violating your rights just grin and bear it so yeah yeah that's that's that's a quotes at the end there's sure so we've got relatable quotes give give me liberty or give me death patrick henry live free or die for death is not the worst of evils general john stark they who can give up essential central liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety ben franklin better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all all the days of your life bob marley those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves abe lincoln yeah i it's it's interesting especially i think the ben franklin glenn one and people say well that's not what he meant and all these other things and i'm like i don't really care like it's it's a great quote within the context of somebody else saying you don't wanna quote bank franklin bef- feel free fruita quote me instead because i'm certainly saying in the in the meaning that people are interpreting it today yeah so oh let's see sierra chinese probably anything anything now i don't know what other which one of these other stories do we wanna do assist assists one so i got one from the torn free usually usually cover a lot more tornberg stuff i find these stories to be interesting but anyway r. i. a. a. d- lists youtube rippers from google using rare anti circumvention notices so this is this is this is definitely an interesting situation so oh are you familiar with the DMCA and take noses very little yes yeah i mean so basically the basically what these copyright cartels can do is they can send notices to hosts and and companies in such that basically say this are you know this is our you have to take it down and and then they have to take it down and they're they're supposedly you can do account or notice like that it's their work or something door that yeah i don't know it's fair use or something like that and so that's you that's your right effectively theoretically sort of kind of and and but basically there's this other thing that they do and apparently that this whole counter the counter thing isn't applicable to that so we'll get into the story oh you're the homepage is a five major each ripping platforms have been delisted from google search and response to relatively rare notices citing the anti circumvention provisions of the DMCA it's a censorship ridge and that's what this is the complaints which are reported by google as being sent by the way target a bunch of different websites while the music piracy has reduced in recent years due to popularity of platforms so just spotify the major labels remain highly concerned over over so-called scream ripping services which in my opinion are completely illegal it's the it's.

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