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So we've been trying to give you the stuff that's in the fine print of the Whitmer budget. And some of the things lot of folks have been calling for repeal of the pension tax of it in this case is we've learned in the fine print. It's repeal on the pension tax for public sector workers for government workers only so to some degree discriminates. It makes them a protective clad protected class. But I'm not in favor of that either. But it also takes those making private pensions, you still would pay it. So she only gives relief to some and the price of that relief is increased taxes on business. So it'll be were saying that under Snyder. There was a shift in the tax burden from. Mm business to the individual Whitmer allies would say this to some degree reverses that so do you agree? Or is it the kind of thing that is going to hold back our economy because it makes our business climate less inviting let's get to the phones Paul coming in from Wayne this afternoon. Would this affect Utah? Hey guy patches. No. Oh, sorry. So yeah. Some really good things to say I agree with him about not having a tax on small business. Patrick does not go nearly far enough. Not only neither have element is the so called Michigan business tax. But also completely take all the taxes. Also businesses every tax business pays is passed onto the consumer in the form of higher taxes. So I would like to all corporations eliminated zero zero and at the same time corporate welfare patriots needs to be completely dismantled. It's one thing if they have passes, but then you want hand out as well. No as far as the pensions tax is concerned. Yes. Personal I retired July first and two thousand ten after thirty two years of service are teaching the students have you checked public schools at the time that tension has not taxed I collected a pension for several months, and then all of a sudden, I'm hit I think it's patently unfair tax. The people like myself who are fifty who were born in fifty three fifty four fifty five fifty six. Okay, we're hit. And if it's a matter of fairness. Start cut off the corporate welfare. Writer grandfathered in the corporation who were under the old system and their tax credit was greater than the tax liability. So basically. So Paul, let's unpack some of that there because I agree with you. And by the way, I love your clean sheet idea that we're going to get rid of taxes. Let's get rid of the corporate welfare. Right. But you're you're not gonna fairness for me is a little bit cockeyed. And that's because you're saying it's not fair to tax somebody because they're older and getting a pension. You are among hold on. Well, okay. That's what I heard. So tell me where I'm wrong. I was I signed a contract to retire. It's a contract signed a contract with I ran reading began receiving a pension. And after the fact the law was passed. So for me, it was definitely unfair for also for people in my situation. First of all, there's only eight or nine states that don't tax pensions fall. Well, let me let me just say is it fair for you not to pay tax on a significant portion of your income while young families still trying to pay their let me finish still trying to pay their student debt. Still try to make a college fund for their kids still trying to buy their first home is it fair for them to have to pay tax on all of their income while. First of all if you're going to change the rule change it not retroactively. So if you wanted to say to people who were expecting to have a pension and tax. One year two years three years out and all of a sudden saying, oh, no, no, it's giving tax that's patently unfair. And also, just the welfare. So let's get back to that. Anything is not just the conflicting issues. I was talking about the pension exemption. Okay. Rated well related now because Whitmer is made them related. I understand where you're going. Listen, I've gotta take a break in another call, and I appreciate your call. And I appreciate your frustration that you retired under one set of rules. And then they changed the rules. And I understand your frustration with that. But in terms of fairness, I think we've got to be mindful of fairness to young people to and that no matter where your income comes from the maybe that shouldn't matter and in terms of her saying that this will soften the blow at the pump. It will only soften it for a very few about the four hundred thousand they get government pensions. What about the rest of us? If you really want to soften the blow take the sales tax off the doggone gasoline. That will help talks. Let's get to Ron and Ann Arbor. Hello, ron. One of the things that I've noticed is the, you know Alexander Kerr test says we're not going to be driving a gas powered cars in the next twelve years. So that gas tax is going to go away. One. The electric cars will not be paying any taxes to fix the roads and any Arbor all of the buses run on natural gas. So they won't be putting any money into fix the roads all reasonable issues. Ron this does nothing to help. You mean in the in their idea is those that use the roads pay for the roads. Well, if you're using the roads with an electric car, you're right? You don't pay the fuel tax. You know, pay the gas tax, you don't contribute to the repaving and rebuilding those roads, and that's gonna apparently they're kicking that one down the road because long term. I don't think we're going to get there as quickly as I would like, but we will get there. Eventually, we'll see at least a ten percent penetration. By a lot of estimates by twenty twenty five. Five perhaps that we'll see that kind of penetration for electric vehicles, especially if the gas prices go up, and they're guaranteed to go up if you raise the let's say you just bought a house bad news.

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