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Bills minus two and a half against the raiders how does that make sense in buffalo we just have to go all the way to end the bills coming off a bye yeah and the raiders they don't have marchand right yes so this really makes no sense my brain so that means readers pug when by forty but i'm taking the bills mass bet operators have they're they're coming off a long legal of rest though nobody to bills or komo longer last yeah so the rate but the raiders have played well recently so they had a rhythm he runs verse rust find out this week can once and for all yes all right let's do where we have some a good segments today so we're gonna do fancy fuck boys before our interview with billy football so hank oh trigger warning stella is in the studio with us my dogs though us so she pros go barked during s let's do it welcome to the phased poised to say to the imo right all of turkey ross boo tommy told israel opera so sonos over there my start of this week i'm starting cheerleader costumes for halloween name and meister lifezette on this wing is can pray with blake you guys cast look after he he told matter all ma proud to my it'll matter that we pay you every christmas here's the proud feel guilty precisely for the week was on the nuts talking quiet east greenwich guide time to sort for serbs instead of budget didn't catch a smarter to kabul give don't be booted him amount of let's go all right voice feist stardom of the weakening plumes toddlers villon apply put to fit if he starts he's good negative points so you don't have multiplied ukip does zero scudetto this team around my fiddle i feel comfortable say i think we're out of the season on fitting homework days equipped navy store miami by the time boise girls make sure you get y'all loomed.

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