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The find evil over at hvo are working on producing a new series that will air after game of thrones is done with its stand it is known as confederate it will be a drama and the whole premise of this new series is what america would be like if they can federer it's were able to us to see from the united states listening to the laura ingraham show eight five five forty laura well look this new hvo series it most of you won't see because most of you probably don't have hbo i don't i cancelled my hvo because most of the programming sadly nhp o is gross and i don't want my kids to see it at our for it so there the sopranos arnon on hbo any longer so not all that interested in hb out but these these two men who were show runners for the game of thrones of course wildly successful decided they were going to create this series called the confederate and this was of course going to be the confederate was going to be avery imagination of the outcome of the civil war and there to african american gentleman david benny off and remember the other guys name who did it but david benny off his wanted amazed big liberal drinks big shock there and look all you need to know is that a and i haven't seen it so i'm not gonna talk about the artistic beauty or lack thereof of the series of the writing an added burden of you are knack seven senior but what i will say is all indications are that that this series is just another it's another avenue for the bashing of the south and another way for the entertainment industry to ridicule white southerners hey that's kind of a cool thing to do it's a it's a cool thing to be mocking the south or.

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