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Wild finishes in week nine of the NFL. Pittsburgh looking to remain the NFL's loan, undefeated team Dallas just just get the playoffs. Grows short to the left. It's caught hopping into the end zone over a tackler is Hebron touchdown stealers. Third touchdown pass for Rob Berger. Pittsburgh takes their first lead Roxy Bernstein with a call here on ESPN Radio. Ben Roethlisberger. That was the game winner, Eric Ebron. 2 19 left. The Steelers rally score. 15 in the fourth quarter, beat the Cowboys 24 to 19 the final Pittsburgh eight No. For the first time in franchise history, Dallas dropped to a seven. They've lost four in a row. Miami's won four in a row for the first time in four years. A 30 for 31 went over the Cardinals in Arizona. You a tongue of I Loa 28 248 yards passing touchdowns. No turnover is one of those touchdown throws in the fourth quarter. Calamari at three touchdown passes also rushed for score Rush. Over 100 yards in the lost both teams or five in three Raiders or five and three. They hold off the Chargers 31 to 26 L. A. With a Justin Herbert touchdown pass overturned that was on the final play of the game is last three losses by a combined nine points. Chiefs 81 33 31 win Over the Panthers. Patrick Home sport touchdown passes NASCAR Cup Series championship is won by Chase Elliott. We're back on Monday reacted to a major upset in college football..

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