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For Chinese military hackers with breaking into the computer networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency back in twenty seventeen and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans U. S. Attorney General bill Barr says Chinese nationals have been charged with an unusually large number of espionage cases about eighty percent of our economic espionage prosecutions have implicated the Chinese government and about sixty percent of all trade secrets half cases in recent years involves some connection with Charles and trump releasing his federal budget today let's get more from reporter Linda Kenny on the president's four point eight trillion dollar budget is an election year declaration of spending priorities Congress will counter with a budget of itself one that reflects its spending wish list Congress and the White House ultimately will meet somewhere in the middle with the final budget plan but that could be months away in the meantime the president's budget offering gives him and members of Congress as well as other presidential contenders plenty to talk about on the campaign trail Emma Craddick presidential candidates barn storming in the state of New Hampshire ahead of the all important New Hampshire primary tomorrow Joe Biden trailing behind Sanders booted judge and Warren he knows that he needs a strong finish tomorrow Biden holding an hour and a half long town hall in Hudson New Hampshire where he talked about all the tragedy he's experienced many you I've lost a lot my lifetime lost a wife and a daughter in a car action I lost my son cancer but I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by and lose my country it will not happen Biden criticize people to judge saying quote this guy's not a Barack Obama the investigation continues after Chicago police officer shot and arm demand to death in the lake view neighborhood early Sunday morning it happened outside ties still for a bar at Ashland in Addison police say when cops arrived an armed man shot a person outside the bar and then tried to run away cops went after him and then he fired shots at police and officer returned fire killing the man interim top cop Charlie back says the officer also suffered minor injuries Yasser who fired there was been transported to medical facility is being treated for bumps and bruises he was not shot but he did fall in the in his pursuit of the offending original person shot by the arm to mail was struck in the neck and cheek he's in critical condition a big night for South Korea and foreign language films the movie parasite took Best Picture the first time in ninety two years that to a of foreign language film took the.

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