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King it's move the one thing that we can do as Americans as we know how to innovate so it's not just what you have inside your doors today it's how you can search and move things around we know this epidemic moves in waves each each city will have its own epidemic curve and so we can move between states we can move within states to meet the needs of everyone Dr Burks on NBC's meet the press New York state now has roughly sixty thousand confirmed cases nearly seventy two hundred people have died Louisiana also slammed in a short period of time that state has nearly three thousand cases with New Orleans and neighboring Jefferson parish accounting for all but forty of Louisiana's death Mardi Gras likely to blame we're currently a hot spot it began in New Orleans sand it's kind of moving out for this throughout the state we are that the we're trying to save lives and we're also trying to save the livelihoods because our economy shut down senator John Kennedy on fox news Sunday morning futures a serial killer known as the grim sleeper has died in a California prison sixty seven year old Lonnie Franklin on death row awaiting execution for ten murders he's likely responsible for more going back decades a tornado touching down in northern Illinois uprooting trees damaging homes no one hurt America is listening to fox news and now it's time for the lands of liberty there with today's installment is author speaker and activist Helen Griebel people post all sorts of things on social media from pictures of their children and parents advice on favorite restaurants comments about politics but some government officials think that is a threat because people might post comments they find offensive the founder of Facebook recently told the president of Germany that it would be easy for his website the black all comments critical of the government if we look through the lens of liberty we will see that is a very slippery slope Facebook is a private company and can do it it chooses but if websites but in free speech at the request of governments one of our most cherished American principles will be in serious danger go to lens of liberty dot org you won't believe what you hear six people injured homes and businesses damaged including a mall today is clean up day in Jonesborough Arkansas a tornado tore through yesterday that system now dumping rain on the north east not cool and Amazon delivery driver is being accused of spitting on his hands and wiping it on a package which he dropped off at a home in California it was apparently caught on camera the recipient says he noticed the package was wet so he checked his ring doorbell camera and saw the delivery man spit and wipe it on the box an Amazon spokesperson told the unhappy customer that driver is no longer making deliveries Christine Persichetti fox news these companies can be proud to manufacturers across the country are retooling to produce medical supplies during this coronavirus crisis like the folks who make moves with casinos close to Nevada for the pandemic several distilleries in that state or taking all that unused ethanol they've got stored up and combining it with aloe Vera and other chemicals and turning it into hand sanitizer this is good for all who are fighting the virus and for those who've been laid off from the whisky but is so three cheers for seven troughs the depot Verity local distillery and Damon industries they're all doing their part one thing that they're in short supply of however containers to put it in Michael Moberly a Farina distillery says all the plastic bottles in the country are gone cared McCue fox news channels and iconic bookstore chain in Portland Oregon laid off nearly four hundred people on St paddy's day because of the pandemic closing all five of its stores in the state a quarter of those workers now being re hired with full time hours and benefits thanking the community for its support owner and CEO Emily pal says she is overwhelmed by the online orders.

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