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Is part of your free work on your resume. We've we'll pay you. What's in our budget unfortunate? I respect. Well, you you live it. All right. We do have concerns about frozen pipes and problems inside the house, and no one better to ask than you the inside guy. Chuck, you know, we really do, you know, one of the easiest simplest things that most people can do particularly with the housing stock in the metropolitan Detroit area and outlying missionaries being. So all is to set your thermostat down, the steel degrees. And I don't mean I don't mean tan or anything like that. But if you normally run at sixty eight. That's of at sixty five for a couple of days because when things work harder they break, and that'll make it less likely to break your blower, motor your fans, those kinds of saints. Good idea, I know too. You can put on a lot of these systems at least ours, and I'm sure many others either auto fan or fan on. I've always heard it suggested that you go with auto don't ever put it just on on. It'll run all the time. Well, that's an interesting statement. And I'm sorry because it's your show. But if you put it on on. So it does went all the time. What's going to happen is it's going to keep moving air. And if you keep moving air the furnaces south. Ah? Suffice heat will run last 'cause there's more thoroughly blend temperature and humidity in your home. You know, man, you didn't help me at all on that one. I don't care about here on the show. I'm just repeating what an expert told me, but my wife is going to kill me with this. Because we've had this argument. Yeah. It's interesting because the newer units are going to run at lower voltages solely newer units. They recommend that all the time. And what happens is you'll be circulating lower volumes at lower velocities of air. So you won't even know what's happening is just a far more efficient way to do it. So one of our chips are people actually is to run it on and instead of auto and all the wear and tear comes when that thing. Chess. Awesome starts back up shuts off starts back up. So if you can just keep it running it actually is better thing for the motor furnace motor deplorable. You're blown away my old dear departed friend, Glen Haege. I wanna told me don't put it on. I put it on automatic. Okay. New information thermostat to sixty five. What else do we have Chuck? The pros and pipes. You mentioned that's such a big concern again in the older homes. A lot of pipes went up outside walls and crawlspaces or near you know, outside basement walls. So if you can find the furthest faucet at your house from water comes in. So maybe it's the uppermost bathroom or the one that far into the house in drip that faucet. It's a mixer faucet were hot and cold both at the same time put it right in the middle. And allow it just a fast drip, in this weather, keeping water moving through the lines is likely to prevent them from freezing up. If you have an investment home with cottage anything like that, you're gonna waste a few gallons of water for a couple of days, but you're not likely to have any frozen pipes. I find it fascinating. That the drip is enough to keep it called moving water as opposed to just being very little water in the lines that you would think would freeze, but you're the expert, and I've heard that a million times about the drip and the furthest faucet away. People open the cabinet doors under there, sinks. No, he tends to circulate, you know, in those P traps where that water is sitting in all those dreams. So you should open those cabinet doors. I got you. Yeah. So if you can allow air to move through those and and keep it circulating as well. That makes a difference. If people can shove a rug maybe up under their exterior doors where that door meets the threshold some air for moving through there. You got really old windows in the house dab. Makes a product called. Seal caught literally caulk year old window shut. And then peel the cock off in the Spurs. Wow. Could actually gain a literally sufficiency with some of those older windows, you know, for a modest investment of a few dollars. You know, what else I've heard to? And you've you've I'm sure said it before Chuck putting that you can buy these items to put down at the bottom of a door. But in a time like this people can't rush out and buy, but a towel even at the bottom of the door. If a lot of cold air is coming in you are so right, sir. If people would just do that, they may prevent that aluminum threshold from icing up, and they'll certainly shut off the air movement, you know, coming and going freely. So that. Yeah. Check any last minute tips here that can help us one. That's a safety issue. If you have over the last twenty to thirty years had a higher efficiency furnace installed check and make sure that drifting snow has blocked those exhaust vents because those hugely exit the house near the ground. Paul. We're also seeing a lot of situations where people's what they call the stink pipe or the drain waste and system that goes up to the roof is freezing over in older homes. So if you're having problems flushing the toilet water running out of your sink in this bitter, cold weather, do not go up on your roof, all a plumber. It's probably something as simple as that pipe being ice over. I never knew I had a stink pipe. I really on the happy note check noticed he's talking about..

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