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Yeah, big love to Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest fans whose teams have a seismic second third and the championship clash tomorrow with the Premier League promotion really cool on the line as they go down to the wire, but I want to raise this jagermeister. This bolt of human emotion in the shot glass to Real Madrid who lifted their 35th La Liga trophy at the weekend after beating espanol four nil on Saturday Karim Benzema was of course amongst the scorers. Him or Jordan Pickford now for the huge love to Marseille. He won this 24 feet during his career at real and above all to mister Carlo Ancelotti, my old dad has had some roller coaster of a season, many wanted him to be let go after the el classico implosion, but his team have been comeback kings throughout the Champions League run and his comeback is perhaps sweetest of all. He became the first manager to win titles in each of Europe's top 5 leagues, England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, and he celebrated. If you've not seen the photograph, find it, he looks, he looks vindicated, he looks relaxed. He looks just magical point on a pair of shades. Smoking a davidoff surrounded by his adoring players looking very much like a legendary gangster rapper about to drop a comeback mixtape to mister Carlo proof there is life after death. And by death, I mean Everton. Courage. He's certainly a smooth dude. Okay, you can follow us on Twitter at men and blazers at MSC Davis at roger Ben on Instagram at men and blazers at embassy Davis on Facebook where men in blazers on Twitch forward slash men in blazers that's coming up on Wednesday. We're on YouTube rod now where you can see a video version of this very podcast and SnapChat just search for men in blazers on YouTube. Oh, it's a lovely one. You can always email us at men in blazers at Gmail dot com vendor punk rod. War pig. Was that a robo? I like snacks. Baldwin Baldwin. Take that Gloria. To tweed. I got a rock and mate. Kung fu fine America. Love you, David. Love you, roger. Vamos somebody, you know..

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