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We have a double interview show, two interviews, one show, been a little while since we've done an interview. We a couple of weeks maybe, but now we're just coming back with two. You never know what the fuck you're gonna get with foreplay. We got myself Frankie Trent, and then we get bubba Watson, and we got Matt every two completely different people to completely different topics of discussion among the two of them. Baba has a book out up and down is what it's called. We get into mental health in the book and bubba and win in the masters are going to Knicks games. And then that average just came in from surfing and was talking about how he sucks at golf now, so he's going to get into TV and how that's one of the main requirements and how he's got a good personality things he'll be great at TV. You know he's two time PGA Tour winner. So you could totally two totally different interviews to fantastic interviews. And I like both these guys a lot, gentlemen. Yeah, a really good mix. Having bubble in here was I mean, I know we do a lot of cool things with this show and on this show and because of this show, haven't bubba Watson in the building is pretty cool. Yeah, it was pretty starstruck if we're going to be honest. We've talked to him already, but when we talk to him, he's obviously over Zoom or whatever we were using at the time. And seeing him in here just being inches away from bubba Watson two time masters champion was very strange to me. Right, like at one point we were sitting in here waiting, and then it's that moment where you're like, oh man, bubba Watson's about to walk into this room. And then he does, and he was super cool and super open and his book obviously he's promoting that. And he was just great. And I also think we do something when we do a regular podcast. It's just us shooting the shit and I think obviously there's a crowd for that. And then when we do interviews, it's a completely different. When they're in studio like that, it almost feels like a mix of both, where they're just joined the conversation. We're talking about the Knicks game last night, and we were talking about him being a Georgia fan, all that stuff and going to Georgia. It's just different as opposed to just being back in New York City and having people here and not over the zooms and over the Internet. It's just so much better being able to talk to people. Didn't it feel just so much more personable this time where you're actually able to see him answer you? And you can see if something mattered to him, he would almost like close. You're in the mix with bubba. It was fucking awesome. Yeah, and we've obviously been doing zoom podcasts for a while now. And because of the pandemic and, you know, now we've got different people on different parts of the country. But then, yeah, when you have somebody sitting next to you, it is different. The dynamic is definitely different..

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