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ABE where ATL meets NPR and I'm Jim burris along with our vice president of business development Ayesha Hyman and Aisha I'm just kind of stunned by that last segment What a great thing to hear the person in his own words talk about his foundation moment Moments And saddened at his passing but it's kind of the thing that only NPR can do Only public radio can do And that is tell a story that sticks with you to the degree I think that if you heard that last one this one sticks with you It is always so great to learn about the lives of artists and authors and scientists and people who you know we know about the work that they do but we don't always know what inspired their work But Jim I got to tell you what I was thinking as I heard that story was I missed that memo in parenting that I could have just gotten that book hatchet and just set my children out into the Woods and they would have been able to take care of themselves How did I miss that Good thing maybe that you didn't come to know about hatchet that moment Well I always learned something new when I'm listening to Debbie AVE and that's thanks to you Jim and all of our wonderful journalists and reporters storytellers researchers who bring all of these great stories to our lives You make that all happen as a supporter of W ABE And so we're counting on hearing from you now especially now because we have this wonderful partnership with live line animal project We've been talking about.

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