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Not. Randy since he's on the line. He can tell you is story. Someone tried to steal fifteen thousand dollars from fifteen grand. Randy. Wow. It didn't add to. Yeah. What it is. It something rather it seems like something rather new. So I just wanted to get the information out there that folks up because as you know, hackers are finding new ways to probe into your to access your money. And now just a few weeks ago. We got a phone call from a local. And they know our habits. Anyway, they they they got a check that said so-called purchase near fifteen thousand dollars from. A a popular sporting goods chain, and they produced we went to go see him the next one that they produce similarly up. There's it's our CIA. We don't use two minutes. Somebody was able to take our check. And there's there's there's address there's a routing number. There's our account number. The technology was a little bit different. But there was was like fourteen thousand seventy dollars from this place, and I called back and say the name of the company. Yeah. Go ahead. Cabellos? Okay. I called them. That's a lot. Those are. That's a lot of fishing gear, by the way. Everything. Oh. Wait before you continue. I wanna know. So so the check looked really good. Yeah. It was it was it was our check the only difference was it had a different name on it. And. Yeah, so yeah, we had that. So when I contacted they they were most interested in and see what was going on. Because I told her I said, it's it's it's it's not just one, but as a spectator there may be some other things going on maybe not only with our account, but with other people's accounts as well. Sure. And sure enough. Yeah, there it wasn't. So they they put a stop on it. But the guy said that he had his own experience was that. This was the second or third Leiper the problem that he had seen. And so I don't know if this if he had any awareness that there is something that you might be able to offer because the next day here where at the credit union and to do the fraudulent paperwork and all right. Good stuff. Well, the the Bank manager right then as she got some information, and she says, hey, they just took nine hundred dollars your checking cheese. Yeah, they were. So soon remember one I'm impressed that you credit union called you. I mean, that's really something right there. I don't know a lot of banks that might do that. Number two is that they were able to potentially pass this check through. So what are what are the Bank say that you could do as a precautionary means right now? Well, the only thing that we had to do was to actually shut down the account number and switch over to another one not the the routing number wasn't anything. Let's because we wanted to maintain we've been there for years. And again, they know our habits that was kind of a defensive player. So I guess the the big thing take take away message here is that a lot of people don't like to keep track of their checking accounts. Right. I mean, well, sometimes it's just very easy. Not to think about doing that. And to be honest. This caught us at awesome guard a bit because we were right smack in Kim right smack in the middle of which is solar house and. We were right in the middle of moving. Like, constant then when you're moving like that. I mean, jeez. I mean, the last thing you want to think about is if somebody's trying to steal from you. I mean, it's crazy. You know what rainy? Thank you so much for your call today. And thank you for spreading the word because there's any takeaway, take home message from this is that if you have not been watching what's going on with your checking account you need to do it. At least once a month, put an appointment on your calendar. So that pops up on your phone just can't it doesn't take too long. I mean, obviously you've noticed fifteen thousand dollars taken out, but they may just start by just a few bucks. Listen, you wanna stay right where you are because coming up in just a few moments from talking about voice phishing scams. You won't believe how clever they're.

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