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Back to the Rhodes in the wind and some snow flurries and a couple of stray ladders. The super retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin, what do you spy out there now? Right now we're watching the situation on the expressway, South bound slowdowns from the pontiff getting down the left lane breakdown after Grant Avenue state of the right to get around them. And then you're okay down to that brain tree. Split north pounds. A nice ride from Braintree up to the O'Neill Tunnel Route three North bound. Watch out for that work crew here near the Bergen Parkway. Think they're in the breakdown lane, so just watch out for them heading up towards the brain tree Split over and all stand inbound Soldier's field Road is closed that Western after roadwork today, all traffic being detoured up on the service road. And then back on after Cambridge Street, Sterile Dr Westbound that ramp to Kenmore Square is now back open after clearing the work crews on that off ramp, So that's a good thing route to eastbound roadwork at Winter Street in Lexington exit 56 has just that left lame Getting by. Residual delays and wall family easing out both directions of 1 28 after having the road shut down briefly for some brat, Ah, blasting work. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com If you need to hire you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates so you could focus on hiring the person who's a good fit claim near $75 credit for the first post at indeed dot com slash credit terms and conditions apply. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the freeze. And now the weather brought to you by the sump pump Gates. Here's Dean DeVore with more blustery, very cold this afternoon with intervals of sun and clouds a camera out of flurry. We're looking at real field spending the day in the twenties.

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