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With the lives here shots or fire. To see them that lives. Here goes down and sodas one of the suspects surveillance videos show, the three people involved with authorities or combing through them in hopes that they will find carries killer, along with a woman who visited him. The guy will will has already gone down. And the New York college is getting ready to offer major that will prepare students for a career in dog training. It's true. Fox's Grenell Scott explains the state university of New York Cobo skill will offer the program canine, training and management, the four year course of study was developed by a trainer of military and police dogs, who says a demand for canines they can sniff out explosives and help veterans has expanded since nine eleven. Stephen MacKenzie says dogs that find drug stashes and missing people are also being sought by law enforcement, the program will train about fifty new dogs of varying breeds, each semester, and require for students. Six hundred hour internship at a dog themed business like the search dog foundation or the American kennel club, Grenell Scott, Fox News. There's horrible weather going on in the United States. We're lucky to have we have all the way from Chicago down to Oklahoma and over to Arkansas, we'll have more news on that at seven thirty Astros. Played the clubs today and it was Jack mayfield's debut and a major league game at his very, I bet he doubled. Yeah, he got his first RBI in five run third inning. And the Astros finally won in the ninth inning..

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