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Really. Then in nineteen ninety four. Just a few days after he last talked to Butch, Brian caught a buffalo newscast one night and turn on the TV, and there was. Like a news, brief news blurb. And. MAry was was television and stated that he was. He has been killed in a home invasion. That was shocking to say the least. Yeah. The news brings Brian bond back to the last conversation he had had with Butch in the phone call which asked his son to come down to Florida to help run the bar Casey's Nickelodeon. I do. You know, I don't. I don't want you with sheen guts, and but you know that that. I don't want you with machine guns in hand, which said it's not that intense. Butch couldn't have been more. Just a few days after that call. Butch, Sharon Marie was shot in their heads by a man with a machine gun. Three weeks after the murders police were still examining the most important piece of evidence. They had the surveillance video. Then they catch their second big break. One that takes their attention away from the mob theory. Miles south of Bush Casey's home in Broward County police in the southern part of Miami Dade County or responding to a call from a home invasion. Robbery, it's brutal attack officers, nap, three suspects and haul them into the station. They are public Eibar Elbert. Oh, Rincon. And Alex Hernandez? All three live in Broward County one, and maybe two of them resemble the guys on the flyer that Miramar police had distributed after the Casey's Nickelodeon murders. On July fifteenth, three weeks after the mirror more murders, detective, ROY black gets a call from cops in Dade County. You should at least come. Take a look at these guys. They say black is an optimistic, but he asked to run down every lead. So we had south. He questions, one of the three men police have in custody. Black shows L Bertone Rincon the enhanced photo of the Casey's killers but doesn't mention the mirror more murders. He testifies later that ring. Cone pointed to the photo of the suspect who had exposed his space at the end of the Bush Casey security footage is that Pablo Rincon asks detective, black said he shot back well, who does it look like? Pablo eibar. Not long after the exchange detective black ones until Pablo Eibar in a station hallway. He's being escorted to an interview room. Blacks is pop. That's the guy. He thinks the guy who took the shirt, he calls the other -tective working. The case tells them drive to Dade County immediately. He space to face with their first official suspect. On the Knicks episode of felonious Florida. The Casey's Nickelodeon murders, the vicious home invasion in Miami Dade County leads to even more breaks in the investigation of the Casey's murders, more suspects and details of their activities helped to -tective stack up a mountain of evidence. But as the first murder trial gets underway, cracks are exposed that threaten undo the full case. Thanks for listening to this episode, Polonius Florida. If you're enjoying the podcast, please rate us on apple podcasts and tell your friends about our show. It's available at looniest, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts dot com. Or your favorite podcast platform. You can go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases where featuring at felonious Florida dot com, and be sure to like us on Facebook. Florida is produced by David, shoots Arthur and one Ortega keys, Nickelodeon murders reported and written by your host me, Lisa Arthur editing by gave it shoots and Randy Rogowski. Sound engineering and production by Cindy Choi, Carleen Jean and Sean fix the felonious Florida team includes Danny Sanchez, Dana banker, and David Selig. Hi, this is Lise Arthur. If you'd like to support more journalism like this, you can help by joining the Sun-Sentinel south. Florida's leading source for news information and entertainment, visit Sun-Sentinel dot com. Slash join.

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